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La Marseillaise Sung by Mireille Mathieu (with English subtitles)

I’ve never understood La Marseillaise until now. An anthem so stirring it could churn butter. As all translations differ, the version below differs from what is on the video. La Marseillaise – English lyrics From http://www.marseillaise.org/english/english.html Arise children of the … Continue reading

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You Kissed Me by Josephine Slocum Hunt

You Kissed Me Josephine Slocum Hunt (? -?) Has that magic moment ever been better described? I can’t immediately find any information on Hunt. Can you help? Leave a comment or email: thomasfarley@fastmail.com Brought alive by the reading of Ghizela … Continue reading

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Sit Rep

Hope you are well or well enough. Just got back from Utah. People and families are on the move for the summer, with my hotel completely booked for the weekend and surrounding hotels looking equally crowded. Good days of exploring … Continue reading

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Some New Videos

Here’s a few new videos that I have been posting to Vimeo, YouTube, and my Instagram account. My better material is going to Wikimedia Commons. I’ve placed those images and videos in the public domain. As well as the B … Continue reading

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A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Time Zone Watch by David Khalil

I’d like to see if putting the transcript of this video at another site (mine), and sharing the video on my site will increase its views. This is not a commercial for David Khalil, I do not know the man … Continue reading

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Learning About YouTube

I took some video while traveling through the Southwest for my book. Not much since I was focused on taking publishable quality photographs. Still, there is some video I could share. Five years ago I made a video on dividing … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

This was a black December for me but I am nearly through with it. Thanks for everyone’s support. My violent nightmares have stopped for now and life is livable again. The coming year presents itself with a mess of worrisome … Continue reading

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My YouTube Video on Dividing Agapanthus Has Hit 65,000 Views

In April 2014 I posted my first and only fully realized YouTube video. It was on dividing agapanthus, a popular ornamental of temperate climes. It took quite a bit of work to produce it, and its not especially meritorious, production … Continue reading

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Does Video Look Better at YouTube or Through WordPress?

My dividing agapanthus video now has over 45,000 views. (internal link) It’s clear that people like the video. And  even clearer only a handful have followed its link to thomasfarleyblog.com. Still, video is popular. To support my upcoming book proposal I am launching … Continue reading

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Wirecast, Pre-recorded Video, YouTube, and Google

NB: I hate to mention a process without explaining how it works, however, putting together a live stream event is too elaborate for me to describe in a single web page. Sorry. Original post: Video ranks higher in search results than a … Continue reading

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