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Musings on Readability and Consistency

Shorter sentences tend to be more readable than long ones. Since I usually write long sentences in my first drafts (a part of brainstorming, writing whatever comes to mind), my revisions find me breaking those long sentences into shorter ones. … Continue reading

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Hunter S. Thompson and 9/11

Originally written for ESPN (external link). Penned when few facts were known, many of his predictions came eerily true. A distinctive writing style all his own . . . Fear & Loathing in America By Hunter S. Thompson Page 2 … Continue reading

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What Is This Writing Style Called?

Do you know what this writing style is called? E-mail me if you know. You must┬áread┬áseveral hundred words before you find out what the author is writing about. Rather than quickly defining a subject, this style does scene setting to … Continue reading

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How do I Develop My Own Writing Style?

Your writing style develops naturally out of your experiences and preferences. I’m not sure you can use more adjectives, metaphors, or quotations than you would normally would without sounding pretentious or affected. Tom Robbins’ writing went off in spectacular tangents … Continue reading

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