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A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Time Zone Watch by David Khalil

I’d like to see if putting the transcript of this video at another site (mine), and sharing the video on my site will increase its views. This is not a commercial for David Khalil, I do not know the man but I enjoy his videos. Which seem very small compared to the quality of video he produces. So, over the next few weeks I’ll be watching to see how his numbers do.

This video is quite beautiful.

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Welcome back to the channel guys. I really hope you enjoyed this intro and if you have, please make sure to smash that like button now. Lange is a brand that gave me a lot of hope that a newcomer could break through the marquee and provide us with nice quality elegant looking watches Lange is relatively a young brand and it was relaunched in which puts it far behind other watchmakers but I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase that age is just a number and in this case, it is spot on: age is just a number while being a young brand is light years ahead of many watchmakers and its functionality design fit and finish are only comparable to the likes of Patek, Philippe and in some case even better.

Do A Lange and Sohne hold their value?

Whether you manufacture watches cars or anything else usually the main objective is the best quality you can in the shortest time possible hence increasing production numbers and being German made that is what you would expect from Lange every part in the Langer movement is finished to the best standards the parts are assembled oiled regulated and tested for accuracy and once the movement passes their standards it’s now ready to be cased also you would think Lange then strips the whole movement apart cleans it refinish polish engrave replace the temporary jig screws with the iconic thermally blue screws then all to be handed to one single watchmaker to put everything back together regulate attest it and once it passes the movement is now ready to be cased and that is what Lange referred to as the two-fold assembly but I like to call it that’s how things should be done.

Who owns a lange and Sohne?

Lange produces around watches a year if you’re new to watches it may soundalike a lot butler me put you in perspective Rolex produces around eight hundred thousandth a million watches a yearend as exclusive as Patek Philippe are they produce around watches years now it looks like a pin in a haystack. Lange could easily double their production by assembling watches only once but that’s not what they’re about that’s not what they stand for they stand for perfection this is the Lange one time zone in rose gold with a silver dial and solid gold hands and applied hour markers the main feature of the watch is the wall time function the problem with complicated watches is the dials are often too busy to the point that they defeat the main purpose which is the ability to easily tell time at a glance but making clean dials is something that Lange has always perfected – this is by far the best and the cleanest wall time display I’ve ever seen on a watch period.

Lange 1 steel

You may not have noticed but this Lange’s eight indicators on the dial large day indicator at one o’clock a large power reserve indicator between two and four o’clock local time zone display at five o’clock with a gold arrow pointing towards Thaiday and night indicator for a local time sub second display at eight o’clock home time display at nine o’clock day and night indicator for home time near o’clock and last but not least a ring surrounding the dial with the city name so the dial looks so cleans if you can add more to it.

Why is a Lange Sohne so expensive?

Let’s compare it to another high-end witchlike the Patek Philippe wall time noting that the Patek has a fraction of the complications that the Lange has on his dials which one looks cleaner to you and which one can you tell the local and home time easier at a glance let me know your thoughts in the comment section below it really is a true beauty both frontend

How do you wind a Lange watch?

back sapphire crystals arenol-reflective and it really helps you admire the beauty of the watch and often find myself taking the watch off just to stare at the movement the deploying class by the way feels superbly solid and is beautifully finished the case is . millimeter wide and millimeter thick although on paper it sounds like a large watch but because of the design of the case and how the lugs curve it really wears more like a or a mil watch it is very comfortable to wear especially with the lever strap and the side pushes are solid and really make it a breeze to set the wall time function and the date and it makes it super intuitive.

How Much Is A Lange and Sohne watch?

I always say Lange make very intuitive user-friendly watches and from my perspective as a watch dealer I’ve seen quite a few movements and I’ve seen inside a lot of watches and one thing I can tell you is to make watch that is super user friendly usually means it’s super complicated on the inside now I’ve been praising longhand this watch quite a lot in this video but this is hardly a commercial benefit in no way whether longer sell less or more watches I just like the brand and I like what they do and I really like this watch and I just can’t fault it, it’s a very well designed watch it is manual wind but before you lose interest it has an hour power reserve; you will not really be winding this watch every day plus I think people misjudge manual binge-watches love the interaction with the watchband actually sometimes I wind my automatic watches just for the sake of it just to hear the gears moving so time keeping how accurate is this watch well the answer is it’s irrelevant.

What is a datograph?

The watch is accurate enough to tell you the right time I’ve been wearing this watch for think two months now and I’ve never had to reset the watch at any point I think you get to a point in hierarchy where time keeping is not mentioned and becomes irrelevant and watches become appraised less like atoll and more like a piece of art and I think that’s where Lange is you often find watches on the other side of the spectrum like Rolex, Omega, and Seiko boasting about time keeping but Lange is past that point when do you ever hear Patek Philippe boasting about the timekeeping of their watches matter of fact since Patek movements have different seal rather than a Geneva seal because they believe their standards are higher and rightfully seven tourbillons nowadays are used for purely aesthetic reasons and just the way of a watchmaker showing off what they’re capable of doing mechanically but if you look at it from a mechanical aspect it’s completely irrelevant when it comes to watches because the idea of a tourbillon was invented to sort out the issue with the pocket watch sitting in one position all day and wrist watches continuously move on your wrist so you don’t actually need a tourbillon but it’s just aesthetically pleasing.

How many watches does Lange make a year?

So if you want the answer of how accurate is this watch very this watch retails at two hundred or so stub as it’s currently under appreciated it goes for around twenty five thousand pounds on the second hand markets it’s quite of a hefty discount so should you buy it hundred percent recommend it especially with simple stainless steel watches fetching double retail at thermometric watch is a complete bargain on the second hand market especially with everything that it comes with it’s a fairly complicated Wachusett’s super clean to look at and also it’s on the larger end so it doesn’t look small on a tall person but also it doesn’t look big on a person with a small wrist it like I said somehow it looks like a melon my wrist and I’ve got a small wrist myself suit’s a watch that you’d really enjoy and think you get the best value when you put your money into Lange watch and I think now is the best time to buy a Lange because I see a great future for Lange and for other classic complicated watches the hype nowadays has been about stainless steel sporty watches but those actual underappreciated gold classic complicated Pateks Langes, Vacherons, the time will come the time will come I really hope you enjoyed the video and if you have make sure to smash that like button subscribe and hit that notification bell so you’re notified next time I put up a video in the meantime take care and see you in the next.

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