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Back From The Mojave Desert — More Thoughts on Flying A Drone

I’m back from the Mojave Desert where I was researching an article. I flew my drone three times, all successfully. I’ve written about buying and flying a drone before (internal link). A few more thoughts.

Quite honestly, I am often scared of the drone. It’s like a chainsaw, very powerful with a tremendous amount at risk. Although I can’t cut off my leg with a drone, I could have it fly off, never to be seen again. The people who fly drones over water are very courageous.

The main difficulty I have is that my view screen is my iPhone. More expensive models use a tablet and I think that is the best way to go. You will, however, experience glare with any model and glare is always around. Why all this bother?

The site I visited wasn’t particularly photogenic. Not all wildlife areas can be. They are supposed to be beautiful to a bird, not necessarily to us. But failing a sylvan scene, aerial photographs are interesting by themselves, even taken over a drab landscape.

An elevated view is immediately interesting and we enjoy this rare perspective.  I think I have three photographs that will work and I am happy with that. And I am getting less fretting with my drone, as practice is making me more comfortable. I haven’t crashed it and it always returns to me. Now, back to the writing.

An outtake photo below: