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Try Another Translation

If you are tackling Tolstoy, Proust or Kafka, find a translation that reads well for you. I failed twice to read War and Peace before I realized what was happening. At a large used book store I got to browse … Continue reading

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Lost In Translation

How many ways can you say the same thing? Bible translations provide a clue. BibleStudyTools.com (external link) is a wonderful resource that lets you compare your favorite passage among two dozen or so Bible translations. Look at all the different word … Continue reading

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Rainer Maria Rilke

Reading all day, writing all day, and all I can think of is poetry. I’m missing my favorite copy of The Book of Hours. I can’t remember the translator so I can’t order the book. To console myself, I spent … Continue reading

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The Song of Roland

I love translations that make me feel I am reading what a native speaker is reading. Kenneth Rexroth did for me with 100 Poems from the Chinese, 100 Poems from the Japanese, and other collections. Schoken did a tremendous job publishing Kafka. Their books … Continue reading

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