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Stress or Anxiety Dreams

Woke up after only an hour and a half or so, typical for my chronic insomnia. Worse, I had another stress dream. People don’t understand them. They can understand, a little, about my violent nightmares because I am killing someone … Continue reading

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But We Shall Continue With Style

In the Eiger Sanction, Clint Eastwood’s character named Jonathan and his climbing partner are stuck on a mountain wall that has completely iced over. Andrei, a Frenchman, remarks to his fellow trapped climber, “Johnathan, you’re very good. I have really … Continue reading

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We All Get Stressed

My dentist doesn’t want to treat me any more. The anxiety and difficulty I have with procedures is causing him stress. The dental office manager says a patient’s stress produces stress on a dentist, making it more difficult to care … Continue reading

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