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Gumps on Post in San Francisco

Gumps was a store that helped make San Francisco magical. It started in 1861 after the Gold Rush flooded San Francisco with wealth. Treasures from the Orient poured in. Yes, the Orient. It was part gift shop, part museum, and … Continue reading

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The Cult of The Machine at the De Young In San Francisco

I’ve always been fascinated with photographs of factories and infrastructure. I remember vividly a photography magazine my Dad had, containing incredibly sharp images of a German refinery, all gleaming chrome plated tanks and steel ladders and overhead metal ductwork. On … Continue reading

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And a Glenlivet To Go

A rainy night in San Francisco, the kind of persisting rain that paints the streets even blacker. Puddles everywhere along Clement Street, the “New Chinatown” as the San Francisco Chronicle called it. Although Chinese lived and worked on the street, … Continue reading

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San Francisco and The Summer of Love

The de Young Museum (external link), in association with other groups and venues, is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of San Francisco’s Summer of Love. Pardon me if I don’t join the festivities. As the promoters put it, “In the mid-1960s, artists, … Continue reading

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