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A Book Contract Example

This is the contract a national guidebook publisher uses who has over 100 titles in print.

It’s the contract I signed with the publisher with whom I am no longer doing business with (internal link) The publisher originally offered me 10% of net with a $500 dollar advance. I asked for 12% of net, no advance. That was quickly agreed to. I should have asked for 15%.

I signed without legal review because lawyers make contracts and lawyers break contracts. I’m not intimidated by language deliberately favoring the other side and you should always ask if things can be changed. If you’re unsure about anything you sign, however, have an attorney look it over.

This contract, which they sneakily call an agreement, is mostly boilerplate but you may find it interesting, particularly if you are a small publisher and uncertain about what your contracts should include. It’s here in .pdf and in an easily editable Word document.














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