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We Are Traveling at Amazing Speed

Mahatma Gandhi once said that there was more to life than increasing its speed. Yet, it’s likely our rate of travel will keep increasing without us noticing it all, much as passengers don’t feel an airliner going from four hundred … Continue reading

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News and Notes

Last week my newsmastering work (internal link) increased substantially. I wrote as many as six posts a day, each new Google alert prompting a shutdown of my other work, to see if an accident report was worthy of writing up. By … Continue reading

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Google Search Trick

I discovered yesterday that Google was returning results from all years by default. I changed that so Google will return results no more than a year old. Use this trick with caution if you are doing deep research. 1. Search … Continue reading

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Get Your Local Library Card!

Although I have lived in Las Vegas since December, I hadn’t yet picked up a local library card. I did so last week and I was very surprised. My local branch (external link) doesn’t have any special in house resources, but … Continue reading

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