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More On Real World Revising and Editing

Content writers don’t care about word choice. Not ultimately. It’s up to the editor, perhaps their boss, or  maybe the client who makes the final decision on words and word usage. That’s why assessment tests with difficult grammar problems make … Continue reading

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Proofreading, Editing, and Revising

I frequently work on the writing of others, chiefly foreign speakers for whom English is a second language. Proofreading is the lightest correcting I do, revisions involve the most work. People argue greatly over what these terms mean. Here are … Continue reading

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Entering an editing course

I’ve signed up for the first course in a Berkeley certificate program called the Professional Sequence in Editing (external link). It starts on September 2d. From now until then I will be deliberately drowning in every thing I can find regarding grammar (internal … Continue reading

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Considering a professional course in editing

Update: I decided not to take the course. My command of English grammar is and was simply not good enough to take such a high level class. I’d need a college level grammar refresher course before considering the editing offering. … Continue reading

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