Fax Machines at Intermountain Health Care

Nothing speaks more to the total inadequate suppoort that a patient receives at Intermountain Health Care (internal link) than their continuing use of fax machines.

This should be dead technology is still in constant use at Intermountain between the company itself and their contractors.

Money goes into advertising how good they are while the tools they use show how bad they are. I even noticed the Internet Explorer icon on an Intermountain computer terminal. IE? Really? It came from the 90’s!

I am getting appointments scheduled now but only after turning into a beast, the worst version of myself, by ceaseless badgering people day after day after day.

None of what is happening now would have happened without my continuing hectoring and shaming.

The progress in the last two weeks has been more in total than everything done in the last ten months of my being polite and patient.

I told everyone two weeks ago that I was going to do whatever it took to get treated.

I meant it and I am not through yet. No treatment has yet been scheduled so you can believe that I won’t stop this hysteria until I get these procedures done and followed through.

Every day. Multiple calls. Ceaseless. Count on it. Healthcare today with Intermountain Healthcare.

NB: (internal link) I now have a page to chronicle this disastrous group and all the harm they cause others.

I hope that over that my Intermountain page will act as a clearing house for keeping track of the most broken medical system in American.