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Original Photographs and the Impossibility of Everything Connected to Them

After your article proposal has been accepted your next challenge will be providing photographs to accompany the text. I hope you can take them yourself. The world of Nat Geo doesn’t exist anymore for freelancers. You will not have a … Continue reading

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I Know it When I See It

“But to live outside the law, you must be honest.” Bob Dylan United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart struggled in 1964 to define pornography in the landmark case of Jacobellis v. Ohio. In his concurring opinion, Stewart wrote, essentially, … Continue reading

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More on Neural Filters

This photo is from the New York Public Library Digital collection. Here’s the original. Here’s what a one click colorization produced in Photoshop. Now, one click on “Auto” using the curve controls for an image. Quite amazing.

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Hiking the Marin Headlands

For years I hiked the Marin Headlands, that area just north and west of the Golden Gate Bridge. I often joined Katy’s group. She is a national Sierra Club leader and a much stronger hiker than myself. My favorite spots … Continue reading

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A Few Favorites

A few favorites. Nut Tree, California Looking north from Gerlach, Nevada Cactus Joe’s Nursery, Blue Diamond, Nevada Locomotive barn, Ely Nevada Woman with snake, Sacramento, California Rhyolite, Nevada. Death Valley National Park Railroad machine shop, Ely, Nevada Cactus and Succulent … Continue reading

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You Do Not Control The Weather

Gathering images should be top of mind for any writer working under deadline. Most publications require you to submit your own images. If you can’t produce them yourself, you need to look at stock photography or public domain photos immediately … Continue reading

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A Casual Look at Color and Monochrome

Simple demonstration between color and monochrome photography. With color photos, I notice colors. With black and white, I notice textures. I’m deciding on photos for my new book. I think monochrome still has its place in a world addicted to … Continue reading

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Drool Over Jewels Take II

Sotheby’s produces some wonderful videos which are easily accessed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCelkSnSbxvIfjjD01uPHHbg A nice video capturing sparkling as only a moving camera can. Sparkles don’t show in still photography, they need movement. Still photos of diamonds use a special lens … Continue reading

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Pfeiffer Beach Sand, Monterey County, California

I’m trying to learn my microscope. These are single focus shots; as I learn more I will get to know photo stacking which will result in the entire field being in focus. If I do it right. If you enjoy … Continue reading

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Self-Portraits With A Camera — Do You Have One?

Rei Aijylle Abenoja Estemera is a high school student who just started a blog focused on photography. Her self-portrait with a camera threw me back more than 40 years. That photo on her site is here: https://reisblog.photo.blog/2019/09/09/capturing-every-moments/ Here is her … Continue reading

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