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Overly sensitive types at the start of the Snowflake Era began substituting the word “problem” for the word “issue.” Today, “issues” is everywhere. Your car no longer has any problems but instead a number of issues to be taken care … Continue reading

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The National Press and Flyover Country

The reporting by the national press from Iowa recently bespeaks their contempt for anywhere they can’t get a specialty raw oyster dish or Peete’s coffee. On their expense account. They don’t want to be there, they don’t want to cover … Continue reading

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One Incredible Paragraph by Stanton Delaplane

How would you like to quote and rephrase like this? This is San Francisco Chronicle reporter Stanton Delaplane (internal link) in 1941, interviewing a rancher on the poor roads in Siskiyou County, California: They were worn out, he said, from … Continue reading

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My Outdoor California Article is Going to Print!

It’s always a wonderful feeling when an article nears publication. I’ve been sent a .pdf of my most recent magazine article to review and to submit corrections. The article is on the Yolo Bypass which is near Sacramento. Entitled High … Continue reading

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