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A Casual Look at Color and Monochrome

Simple demonstration between color and monochrome photography. With color photos, I notice colors. With black and white, I notice textures.

I’m deciding on photos for my new book. I think monochrome still has its place in a world addicted to color, especially when instructional details need to be brought out.

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The Harding Pegmatite Mine in Taos County, New Mexico

The Harding Pegmatite Mine in Taos County, New Mexico is owned by the State and managed by the University of New Mexico. You can visit and collect up to five pounds of material but there is a procedure you must follow and an unmarked entrance road you must find.

I describe those details in my Places to Visit and Collect in the Southwest file (external link) at my rockhounding site.

Taos County is D.H. Lawrence country and still home to countless artists, writers, and their studios.

These photographs are from last October.

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The Kelly Mine In Magdalena, New Mexico

Magdalena, New Mexico. Known for Smithsonite, a zinc ore. Beautiful country all around.

A proud rock shop owner known simply as Otero, displays his rough material and his cabs, the findings made by a native woman silversmith.

To know more about Smithsonite, named for the founder of the Smithsonian Institution, watch this video:

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Upcoming Tour of Arizona and New Mexico

To research and take photographs for my book I am leaving soon for a week-long tour of Arizona and New Mexico. Click here for an interactive map of the places I hope to visit. Mad driving, impossible distances, too many things to do!

Don’t forget to visit for more details. And my Twitter handle is @thomasguyfarley if you wish to follow me on my tour.