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Slaughterhouse Canyon, Goldfield, Nevada

As a famous writer said about Ireland, a terrible beauty.

No graffiti. None.

Dusting spots for the burros and pronghorn. Pronghorn out today, in fact, they are always around. Sit down for fifteen minutes on a high hill. You’ll eventually see them, hundreds of yards away. Staring at you.

The video was shot in my iPhone 13 in what Apple calls Cinematic Mode. Some of the stills look like they had HDR put on them but I didn’t do it. None of these have been worked on in post. They are just snapshots, no aim at artistry.

A beautiful day.

Dusting spots.

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2017 Goldfield Hotel Video Footage

This video was shot in landscape and portrait originally, now converted to landscape only. You’ll see the transitions from one to another, no effort here to make them look pretty. You can download the original video if you care to make your own changes.

This video was shot in landscape and portrait originally, now converted to landscape only. This version is less shaky that the original but is now blurry around the edges at times.

Original footage below. Good luck, Chuck.


A Better Burro

The Goldfield burro stands alone. A better burro. High altitude. Non-begging. A burro for our times. For all times. A better burro.

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Sportsman’s Park, Nye County Nevada

12 NE of Tonopah. Nevada stocks it with Rainbows. A beneficial white carp resides. Goldfish occasionally. Birds stop in, no other open water for miles. Little large animal scat. The wells nearby are the chief water supply for Tonopah. Simple bathrooms. BBQ stands. Numerous picnic tables. I’d say the open water is about 3/4 of the size of a football field. This may be an enlarged stock pond from when cattle were run back in the day.

One pond for bait fisherman, a smaller one for fly fisherman. Maintenance worker says he’s never seen a bait fisherman out here in 15 years. No charge of any kind. Camping probably prohibited.

North on NV State HWY 6 a few miles out of town, left turn onto 376 at the first major intersection. You can see a stand of trees in the far distance. Go! If you wind up passing a county airport then you have gone too far on HWY 6.

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Coming and Going in Goldfield, Nevada

We don’t have train spotting anymore but we do have truck spotting. Although at dusk the spots are very hard to spot.



Stonewall Falls, Nye County Nevada

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The Las Vegas Strip at Sunset from McCarran Field (Harry Reid International)

Vimeo file:


This video is from my latest trip. I put it in the public domain and uploaded the file to Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons. I had to format it in .webm which I don’t like. Hence, the video you see above is hosted at Vimeo in conventional Mp4.

This video was taken from the window of a commercial jet taking off from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prominent are the major casinos of the Las Vegas Strip. Among them are, moving from left to right as the plane moves: Mandalay Bay/The Delano; the Excalibur; New York New York; the MGM Grand (in green); the Waldorf Astoria, Aria; the Bellagio (curved facade); the Linq’s High Roller Ferris wheel; the Mirage (with the word LOVE at the top of the building).

Notable toward the end of the video at the middle left is a view of the new Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium which uses dark glass.


The Late Bryan Smalley

Update! Click on this link for my report on Bryan’s funeral (internal link)

1960 to 2021. Twenty years with Esmeralda County, Nevada as a deputy sheriff. Town father and ceaseless promoter of Goldfield. A town rich in history but now a land of little economic water. Bryan helped people. He was a mentor and a friend. Burial at the Goldfield Ceremony at 11:00 AM tomorrow. All welcome.

Update: The video below has Bryan’s voice. It is nice to hear him again.


A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

Nevada doesn’t have a closing time for bars unless the bar itself sets it or there is some local prohibition.

I’m in Tonopah, Nevada which is in Nye County. Tonopah sits on I-95 which is the route between Las Vegas and Reno.

I’m staying at the period correct Mizpah Hotel and across the street is the Tonopah Liquor Company where a fair number of people are hooting and hollering and carrying on. As they should be on a Saturday night/morning. Without the State shutting it down.

You can also buy alcohol at any time of the day or night from any market that is open. Nevada has no greater accident rate when it comes to drunk driving.  There is no difference to our safety here compared to other states which mandate closing times.

That such laws are for “your own good” is just a way that joyless politicians and safety Nazis get back at people who are having more fun than they are. If they knew how to have fun.

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The Best Used Book Store In Las Vegas, Nevada is For Sale

MARCH 15, 2021


From Amber Unicorn Books

June 13, 2020

Many of you are aware that Amber Unicorn has been ‘up for Sale’ since last fall. We have enjoyed some positive feedback and genuine interest. However, with the Covid-19 complications, things have understandably been delayed.

With this in mind, we have significantly dropped the price of the store, hoping to stimulate some local interest. Ideally, we would love to see the store continue to serve our customers and the Las Vegas community. Perhaps you have the dream of owning a bookstore (with an incredible inventory and established customer base) or possibly know of someone within your circle who has expressed the desire. NOW IS THE TIME!

The quarantined pause in our lives has caused many of us to reconsider and revaluate. Amber Unicorn remains steadfast in its mission to serve our wonderful customers and community. It has always been our intention to honor this position until a buyer could be found, and as long as we could financially survive. With the recent decrease in price, we hope that a prospective buyer can be found in our community.

Any inquiries can be directed to Myrna Donato owner ( at 702-648-9303, or if preferred, to our commercial real estate agent Carolyn Johnson (; Transworld Realty, at 702-333-4449

As always, your loyalty and support are very much appreciated.

The three Amber Unicorn Ladies, Myrna, Sally and Stephanie

Let me add something.

Amber Unicorn is a tremendous resource for the Las Vegas Valley and all of Southern Nevada. They are in a typical strip mall toward the center of town. That mall lost their major tenant a year or two ago and floor traffic at Unicorn dropped almost fatally. They have been struggling ever since.

A major tenant is coming to the mall but will perhaps have a different clientele than the old business. This new tenant has construction crews at the site actively repurposing the vacant building for their use.

I buy the majority of my geology and rock books from them. If you buy the store you won’t have competition, there is no other used book store like it in the Valley, in fact, there are hardly any used bookstores left at all. Can someone step up?

This is their website. They _are_ open: (external link)

Here is a map: