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Explaining The World

Why do terrible things happen to the good and innocent? In a godless world there is no reason. In a Judeo-Christian world there may be a reason but you won’t like it. A godless world presents inevitable misfortune as much … Continue reading

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We Are All Locked in The Greenhouse

This sign used to hang in one of the many greenhouses on the U.C. Davis campus. I like its chatty, humorous tone, something rarely seen when needing help. It also reminds me of Kafka’s The Castle, in which a driven … Continue reading

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Try Another Translation

If you are tackling Tolstoy, Proust or Kafka, find a translation that reads well for you. I failed twice to read War and Peace before I realized what was happening. At a large used book store I got to browse … Continue reading

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Who Is A Professional Writer?

A professional writer is certainly anyone paid to write. But is the word professional useful? I never use it. I’m a writer, that’s it. And that is everything. Anyone who writes in their job can certainly be called a professional. … Continue reading

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