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Huff and Puff

What are people talking about when they say a steam engine huffs and puffs? I think my video here is a great demonstration of huffing and puffing. It sounds like the locomotive is actually breathing. Which, in a mechanical way, … Continue reading

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American Heritage is Alive Online and Ongoing

More great history from American Heritage, a lay publication written for decades by famous, notable historians. I never got into this title but I did have three articles published in their sister magazine, Invention & Technology. Which is still going, … Continue reading

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After The Gold Rush

Since Twain’s death, only Hunter Thompson occasionally matched that great writer’s vigor. But Twain wrote this stuff routinely, spending an entire career blurring and combining pomposity, exaggeration, and the truth. This was Twain observing the wrecked landscape of California after … Continue reading

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Another Book Proposal and The Benefits of a Short Query

Before you get bogged down in a lengthy book proposal, send a few paragraphs to the editor instead. It could save you a great deal of time. Here’s three paragraphs I sent to a University Press editor and his response. … Continue reading

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