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Amateur Radio Helping in Relief Efforts After Hurricane Maria

I know this is off-topic from writing, but I am very proud of my amateur radio brethren, who have answered the call for help in areas ravaged by Hurricane Maria. I am new to this hobby, better called a service, … Continue reading

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I Did It!

I passed my amateur radio General exam today! It’s an upgrade to my current technician’s license. (internal link) That means I am licensed to carry on my ham radio hobby for communications around the world. It also means a month … Continue reading

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A Used Laptop And Memory Lane

I recently bought a refurbished Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7.  I bought this machine because I needed to run a piece of ham radio related software that isn’t available for the Mac. As a longtime Apple user, I am … Continue reading

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Some Gloating

I just passed my Technician class amateur radio exam. I am now a Ham. Again. Back in 1992 I got a technician license but I let the license lapse. Didn’t spend much time in the hobby. Now, traveling and camping … Continue reading

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