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Styling Today in the Bauhaus Way

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Bauhaus design lives on. These two German watches show it off. And a third might qualify with imagination.

This first is a Nomos Orion which retails for between $1,800 and $4,000 US. I like the colors.

The second is a Sternglas Zirkel which retails from $300 to $500. No color. True minimalism.

Watch authority Teddy Baldassarre said in a recent YouTube video (external link) that he is constantly asked about what company makes an affordable Bauhaus style watch. I didn’t know Bauhaus was still alive.

Here’s another contemporary example, a self-labeled “bauhaus watch” by the E Watch Factory of New York and sold by Zazzle.

Zazzle’s product page mentions the surrealism of Joan MirĂ³. This watch does have colors MirĂ³ might have used. The claimed Bauhaus association must rest from arranging the irregularly colored shapes of abstract art into a clean edged geometric design. $57 US. That page also has ten other designs the E Watch Factory calls Bauhaus.

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