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The Best Used Book Store In Las Vegas, Nevada is For Sale

MARCH 15, 2021


From Amber Unicorn Books

June 13, 2020

Many of you are aware that Amber Unicorn has been ‘up for Sale’ since last fall. We have enjoyed some positive feedback and genuine interest. However, with the Covid-19 complications, things have understandably been delayed.

With this in mind, we have significantly dropped the price of the store, hoping to stimulate some local interest. Ideally, we would love to see the store continue to serve our customers and the Las Vegas community. Perhaps you have the dream of owning a bookstore (with an incredible inventory and established customer base) or possibly know of someone within your circle who has expressed the desire. NOW IS THE TIME!

The quarantined pause in our lives has caused many of us to reconsider and revaluate. Amber Unicorn remains steadfast in its mission to serve our wonderful customers and community. It has always been our intention to honor this position until a buyer could be found, and as long as we could financially survive. With the recent decrease in price, we hope that a prospective buyer can be found in our community.

Any inquiries can be directed to Myrna Donato owner ( at 702-648-9303, or if preferred, to our commercial real estate agent Carolyn Johnson (; Transworld Realty, at 702-333-4449

As always, your loyalty and support are very much appreciated.

The three Amber Unicorn Ladies, Myrna, Sally and Stephanie

Let me add something.

Amber Unicorn is a tremendous resource for the Las Vegas Valley and all of Southern Nevada. They are in a typical strip mall toward the center of town. That mall lost their major tenant a year or two ago and floor traffic at Unicorn dropped almost fatally. They have been struggling ever since.

A major tenant is coming to the mall but will perhaps have a different clientele than the old business. This new tenant has construction crews at the site actively repurposing the vacant building for their use.

I buy the majority of my geology and rock books from them. If you buy the store you won’t have competition, there is no other used book store like it in the Valley, in fact, there are hardly any used bookstores left at all. Can someone step up?

This is their website. They _are_ open: (external link)

Here is a map: