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More on Writing for Machines

I’ve written many times on SEO (internal link) and how as a writer I feel compromised and sad that today’s most important reader is a machine. Humans don’t collect their thoughts and organize their tasks the way search engines do. … Continue reading

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Bots Censoring Even Storied, Factual Magazines

Few history magazines are more well respected than American Heritage. Its scholarship, impartiality, and stable of great writers have proven its worth over more than a half century in print and online. Today, mindless bots and algorithms are now attacking … Continue reading

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Deeper Into SEO

Search engine optimization means producing high ranking web pages. Quality content isn’t enough, that content must employ a variety of techniques to get your client’s website on the first or second page of Google’s search results. A company might produce … Continue reading

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A Bot’s Answer to Pretentious Artist Statements

July 15, 2022 Update: Broken link to the generator should be working now. Apologies. Webmasters! Let me know when you change your URL’s, okay? The online Oxford Living Dictionaries defines bollocks in this way: Plural Noun British vulgar slang 1. … Continue reading

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