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My Cat Has Mono

Monochrome disease, that is. A complicated problem, not simply black and white. When a cat has lost its colors, it might just be good night. My silver tabby cat has more stripes today, thanks to the shadow lines thrown by … Continue reading

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Quick Takes

The preview for episode four of “Picard” shows Patrick Stewart’s character saying, “One impossible thing at a time.” No. Better, “One miracle at a time.” Which reminded me of what of a rarely said but accepted motto for our group … Continue reading

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A Casual Look at Color and Monochrome

Simple demonstration between color and monochrome photography. With color photos, I notice colors. With black and white, I notice textures. I’m deciding on photos for my new book. I think monochrome still has its place in a world addicted to … Continue reading

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In Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park

A hiker crests a hill on the way to the Fire Maze. His only companion, a trail marker at the top. Black and white and white leaves the lines of the earth bare. I think of Kate Bush: And if … Continue reading

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Icons Tell A Story

If there’s anything I like more than great writing, it’s great icons. These are from a website called the InfrastructureReportCard.org. (external link). It was produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It’s a well done site and I encourage … Continue reading

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