NightWare™ Review Part Three

NB: My psychiatrists (and all of the medical people I have dealt with) our obsessed with knowing how much sleep I am getting. How many hours? It doesn’t matter! Not if you go to sleep three or four times a day and have rotten, disturbing sleep each time. Never refreshing, never feel good sleep. The quality of sleep is what’s most important but they don’t want to assess that because there is nothing they can do about it and because they don’t want to admit that.

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Hi, this is Thomas Farley again about talking about the new NightWare™ system. This is the third video — we are at November 10, 2021. I’m I am seeing less visual disturbances, less crippling, violent imagery.

It’s difficult for me to tell because if this is a reduction because sometimes I’ll have two or three nightmares in a night, sometimes only two or three in a week, and then they disappear for a while. They always come back. I’m still waking up scared, though, from things I can’t recall. I check my heart rate. It doesn’t register as anything but normal.

I continue to get sound offs that are from either going to the bathroom, moving around in bed or actually just lying in bed, staring ahead, thinking about things. I’m still getting alerting. I think it’s not learning yet on many things, and for all I know, some of this is spontaneous remission or whatever they call it. I continue to go forward. On Friday, I have a psychiatrist meeting.

She’s going to try to go through the data. I’m averaging 6.4 hours of sleep, so at least it’s keeping track of that. So I will continue with this. I’m just disturbed that it’s not learning.

It shows these interventions on a graph, but with the number of false alerts, I don’t have the confidence to say what is happening right now.

So we’ll proceed and at least I’m working on something right. And if you’re having sufferers again, this is my send off to you. I really hope that you have a good night and that you sleep well. I really hope that for you and that you find some peace. Good luck.


NightWare Review Part Two

NightWare™ review. A review of NightWare.™

Transcript delayed due to the death of a friend.

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Hi, this is Thomas Farley. This is my second video on the Night Ware system. I hope hope you’re doing well or at least coping. I wish the best for you.

There’s so much information. I’m not sure how to present this. I’m just going to go in and pull out what I think are the most important points from my point of view. When I’m working, I am a professional writer and editor. Perhaps I take offense at this material more than I should.

I got the watch.

I have an Apple watch already, so I’m familiar with this, but at least several times I stopped the recording of the device and I thought I pressed the stop button, but it continued to run and record and eventually essentially timed out very puzzling. If the wrist strap isn’t tight enough, it will stop recording your heart rate. You’ll get a message saying there’s been no heart rate detected for ten minutes and it will stop and I don’t have the screenshots, but several times at least three or four didn’t work as they should.

And I wanted it to get right because there’s this initial calibration period that they talk about. I wanted to make sure the watch was working correctly and didn’t know if it was working correctly, and that’s a problem with the tech support not being available at night when us nightmare suffers are up at night, and of course, nothing on the weekend.

So rather than getting this resolved in real time, it has to wait. And anyway, so the watch seems to be working now correctly. It stops when it should stop, starts when it should stop or start.

When I was having those events, what I did was started a dream diary. So if something like that went wrong, I noted the time so that I thought we could go back to the charts and correct them. Similarly, when it was sounding off incorrectly, like once I pulled up on the sheets too hard and it marked this thing they call an acceleration when in fact just pulling up the sheets too hard. So I had this idea that I would make all these notes on these false positives.

Such an ugly phrase, but false positives.

And then somebody at night where we would go back correct the record so that the algorithm could learn. Because how else can the algorithm learn about an event like pulling up the sheets too hard if that only occurs every five, six days? Similarly, the literature says you can use the restroom, just take a short break, come back and it won’t affect the record. But each time I did a short break, it would sound off. So again noted that in my sleep Vlog because this is the first couple of days and I actually keep a sleep blog for your own records, but there’s nobody at night where that’s going to go back and reconcile this the algorithm is running on its own, which I found out later.

It’s a lot of stress before I found that out for, like, bathroom behavior. The Apple watch has a gyroscopic function, which you may be aware of, and so it can track movement, get out of the bed, move toward the bathroom and back. So it is probably recording that event as an activity, logging it and then over time, maybe dismissing it. But this initial calibration that I read about apparently finally got an email on this.

You’ll get no interventions. The initial calibration period lasts one to three nights. After the system collected 1000 samples.

I thought with such a wide variety of activity possible at night that it would take a long time to dial in. And tech support is saying it actually happens in one to three nights. So problem is, you’re new to the watch. You’re turning it on and off. You may have really ragged sleep like I do.

And because of that, I was turning the watch off repeatedly when I would get up for a couple of hours, because I have my insomnia.

Actually, that’s probably not a good idea. Probably keep it on at all times, because what happens is there’s this 30 minutes window when you hit the pillow and between that? Well, actually, when you go to sleep, when it first registers that you’re sleeping, it will provide none of these interventions. None of these tap on the wrist for 30 minutes. You’re on your own for that 30 minutes.

And some of my worst nightmares hit me as soon as I put my head on the pillow. And there’s nothing to be done about that. Tech support repeatedly claims that an improvement in that area would require FDA approval. I don’t see why that would be such a problem. Perhaps it is what we have is adaptive technology within limitations undisclosed so that it doesn’t adapt, for example, to that 30 minutes window.

It’s not going to lower it, and it also won’t adapt to if you have anything outside the criteria or the settings of what they deem a nightmare, that is your stress level, measuring your heart rate, your movement in bed, some other factors that I’m still not aware of. If that criteria isn’t reached, then it’s not going to be considered a nightmare. You will not get an alert, you will not get one of their so called interventions. And again, without reconciling your chart with your sleep log, it’s going to be saying, maybe happily, that we provided five interventions when, in fact, they could have been false readings, false alerts.

But again, the bottom line, nobody is going to reconcile your sleep record with your actual chart.

What else? Yeah, I thought I was going to flip through some of this, but actually trying to think if there’s anything important, a lot of us have nightmares. That may not be the classic you’re killing somebody or somebody’s killing you, but you just might be having to watch. I don’t know, a loved one being tortured or suffering, and it may go beyond going. I had a nightmare the other night where I had lost my cat in a retail store.

Fremont is an indoor cat and had a huge store running all over the place. Can’t contain them, can’t collect them. And this goes on and on and you would say, well, so what? It’s a cat. You’re running out of a cat.

But the anxiety and the stress which just goes on and on is just one of these what I would call stress dreams. And people dismiss them because they don’t have the same level of anxiety that I do. Or maybe they’ve never had a cat on the loose and they can’t find it. It’s lost. You can’t get it back.

That’s incredibly stressful. It doesn’t have to be chopping up people for me to constitute an extremely difficult to deal with situation. And a lot of this is a background to my sleep. And I’m really bothered by the fact that that stuff. They just keep going.

Now, at this point, this guy just would probably like to put down praise in which has never worked for me before. One of the few dreams that are actually prescribed for nightmares. I’m sure most of you have used it and know that it really doesn’t work for most people because otherwise VA hospitals would be cleared of PTSD victims in a hurry. But the other thing introducing other medicines. I don’t know how you’re going to tell what’s working or what’s not.

Maybe three of them can clear up the lower level stuff and the night where system can clean up the more violent stuff. It’s just an experiment right now. I’m going to end the video with those random thoughts, and I hope something helps you. My email is Thomasfarley at Fastmail. Com.

Thomasfarley at Fastmail. Com. And you’re free to email me and we can commiserate with this. And I’m really hoping for the best for this product. I really hope tonight that you don’t have any nightmares.

I really hope tonight is a good night for you. And let’s hope that for everybody. So thank you.


NightWare Review: My First Ten Days with NightWare

November 4, 2021

A NightWare™ review. I will try to produce a rough transcript of this video tonight.

My nightmares started with a traumatic incident that happened in 1988. I did not see the event in person.

Looking back at thirty plus years of treatment for these on and off nightmares, I’m convinced that trauma broke my brain. That break now lets in the incredible daytime anxiety I have felt since the third grade into the nighttime.

I can’t do avoidance therapy when I am asleep. My anxiety finds me defenseless against all of the mindless fears and frights that I have and turns them into attacks with these nightmares.

No, addressing my anxiety has not stopped the nightmares. Like you, I have tried everything including ECT. I am now out of options.

Until later — I sincerely wish you peace and a quiet mind.

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Hi. My name is Thomas Farley, and I have been a nightmare sufferer since October 1019 88. If you are suffering nightmares, I simply do hope for the best for you. This is a new FDA approved treatment system for reducing, possibly eliminating nightmares called Night Ware. W-A-R-E.

I’ve had it for about ten days, so anything I say in the next ten minutes is subject to change, but these are my first impressions. I’m really glad that there is a new treatment out there. I wish the developers well, first things first. This is about $7,000. As it sits.

You get my insurance won’t pay for it. The majority of insurance carriers will not and they’re working on that. But right now you’re out of pocket. I have always been out of pocket with my psychiatric care. I never can get seen often enough for it to do any good.

So you have just charging cables, especially provisioned dedicated iphone that works with specially provisioned Apple Watch. If you’re not familiar and what it does is it monitors your heart rate, your movement, and when it hits certain parameters within this algorithm they’ve developed, then it will tap you on the wrist to try to interrupt that violent nightmare, that event that you’re experiencing. If you’re not familiar with an Apple watch, this is my personal Apple watch, and it actually is electromechanical. These little dots here actually can tap you on the inside of the wrist when you have it on.

So that let’s say you’re driving and you are using Google Maps and you’re getting instructions on your iphone.

Your iphone will communicate to your watch. So that is a left turn is coming up. You’ll get a tapping produced by the watch on your wrist. The phone is communicating with the watch, and it’s a physical sensation. It can be significant.

I think the main thing is that I wasn’t really that well informed at all about the device. The major limitation for me right now, it isn’t going to be fixed until the future. And I hope around in the future is that it does not start, it will not start an intervention. It will not start this tapping to disrupt a nightmare within 30 minutes of going to sleep. And I wish I had known that I would have tried it anyway, but I can have a nightmare within well, as soon as my head hits the pillow and I’m sure there’s thousands or hundreds of thousands of other people.

So I never envisioned the idea that a medical device could be hooked up to you. Essentially, you could start the medical device and it wouldn’t start recording until or helping for 30 minutes, and it won’t.

Yeah, any reduction later on in the night. But here’s a problem with that in that if you turn off the watch, say in 2 hours, if you have a really ragged sleep cycle, you’re getting 30 minutes. Here an hour and a half here then you got to walk around for 3 hours each time you turn it off and then turn it back on. Each time you turn it on, you’re locked into this 30 minutes of no help coming whatsoever ever period. So best to keep it on.

I would say the entire night and then let the what they call machine learning figure it all out.

The literature and what I was told on the phone kind of contradict each other, and in all cases, there’s a lack of information of the gritty details you want, and my camera instruction manuals are more detailed than this. Why this is important is because I want to have the device work for me as well as it can. And to do that, I want to understand it. I know I’m going to have to be going back and forth with my psychiatrist. I was keeping a sleep log of all of these false positives that were being triggered, and apparently the sleep blog doesn’t matter at all.

It’s learning on its own. And maybe I can get into the details of some of the emails that he sent me, but that lack of detail is especially telling because they don’t have any customer support at night or on weekends when we’re all up having our nightmares. So more information is always better. And I don’t know why the documentation isn’t put up online, and I really hope that they do. And it would say endless emails back and forth with them as well as telephone calls trying to figure out why did this happen?

Why did that happen? For example, with that 30 minutes window of no interventions possible, normally, that information, the event will be recorded on their servers, but not necessarily shown in the graphs that you see or are routinely sent to the psychiatrist, they have to be apparently singled out somehow for recollection. I’m still working through this, but again, I think that’s enough for right now.

Okay, so $7,000 and of course, if it’s life or death for you, I don’t know what to say, and those 1st 30 minutes won’t ever get you an intervention. So with that, I will try to make some more videos as things go along as I learn more. And I really wish the developers will.


Thoughts on writing Uncategorized

Welcome to my Nightmare!

Just woke up. Yay!

In last night’s installment, I found myself in two different locations, the Los Angeles Valley and the Sacramento, California area.

SoCal wasn’t so disturbing.In that nonsense, I was in the middle of a thirty year old video footage of air pollution problems and citrus tree production, don’t try to make sense of that.

There was vintage footage of a 1980s news anchor showing an expert in citrus describing how to keep production up by inducing air movement over a grove by cutting the height of the trees at two levels. Seemed an elaborate and intensive pursuit.

Somehow things switched to the old Tower Books store on El Camino Avenue in Sacramento. It’s been closed for decades and I haven’t thought about it for that long.

There was massive sale going on and I found an old plant book of mine on the shelf. It no longer had a cover and was falling apart. I still wanted to buy it.

Some of my parents books were on the shelf. Io Triumphe!, which goes back to their days at Albion college. My Dad had copies in his den, heavy cloth binding and dark ink.

There was some mad person screaming down the halls that someone was stealing books out of the bathroom. The inventory seemed to shrink away as time passed.

A poster inside said that Tower Books had to close their Starbucks counter but this Tower never had a Starbucks. There was, however, an empty coffee counter at the end of the store.

Several people inside and outside of the store were killing chickens and such by wringing the necks of those animals. Several people were earnestly engaged in this activity, much to the stress and horror of those having to do it and to people like me who had to watch.

The end revolved around me having to kill a dog by wringing its neck, if I were to leave the dream.

Or, it could have to do with watching a young kid kill his favorite dog by wringing its neck.

Or, as I saw a nice white Labrador coming up to me, it could be that the dog was going to kill me by wringing my neck.

It’s hard to know what is going on in these nightmares.

NB: I never had a violent nightmare before the violent incident I experienced (internal link) so dream interpretation is worthless.

Interpretation might be useful if my nightmares started unexpectedly. Where did those come from? Let’s try to analyze the dreams! No. We have a starting point and a cause. All well known. Pointless to continue. Let me be clearer.

A war veteran with PTSD nightmares shouldn’t be asked about life before he saw someone’s face shot off, it is because he saw someone’s face shot off that he has nightmares. You get it now?

I know, I know, some will say, “What made him more susceptible to having nightmares when other people saw the same thing and are not having nightmares?”

If you have the time and the money to go down that rabbit hole, well, you are in a very well financed part of mental health that I don’t know about.

Certainly not a part of healing because I don’t see any answer to that question that has ever helped anybody. Make my nightmares stop if you are so damned smart.

Unless interpretation might help them go away. Which doesn’t work, in fact, documenting and analyzing makes my nightmares more concrete by giving them substance as they are recounted.

You’ll have more dreams or nightmares the more you recall them and especially if you write them down. Try it. You’ll see.

This recounting is a one off for unbelievers. I’ve had as many as five violent nightmares in a single night although that is rare. Usually only one or two. And in my afternoon naps, too.

I know everyone else has their own problems. Just don’t deny my misery because you can’t see it. I’m glad that you can’t.


Managed to get back to sleep after 5:00 AM or so. Had what I call a stress dream. For some reason all of my expensive lapidary equipment was outdoors on a balcony and it had all fallen off the balcony because of an earthquake and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back together because the entire building was sliding off its foundation and it was up to the landlord to get everything rebuilt so it would take time if it could ever get done and would I be homeless? and it was extremely upsetting, extremely upsetting and then I woke up.

Another night in my life ends.

And who cares? Cares enough to do something?