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In Quartzsite, Arizona

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here. I resist, Having a wonderful time, wish you were beautiful.

Happiness is where you and your dog are welcome. The dog is Holly.

I’m reporting some day to day happenings for Rock and Gem on social media. Find them on Facebook or at their website.

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Version 11 of My Southwest Travel List is Out!

The .pdf file and the Kindle file are here:

Why don’t I post it here? The first is that WordPress at this site doesn’t host .mobi files so a Kindle format can’t be posted. The second reason is more interesting.

I have posted previous .pdf versions at this site. Like Version 3. Google is fixated for some reason on that early file, a document with hardly the information the current version has. I don’t want people to download Version 3 so I have removed the file from this site. That is causing people to get a 404 error, you know, “File not Found.”

Frustratingly, I can’t seem to redirect people who get that 404. Instead, people are directed to the main WordPress site, not my site. And I can’t edit the old permalink, which would give me some more options.

Right now I would rather people not find the old file, even if it means them getting that frustrating error message.

Until I can figure out a work around, I will not be posting any future version here, lest I run into this same problem with every version I post at this site.

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1 or 2? Which Says The Southwest Better for You?

I’m getting lost in Photoshop, a sure time killer at any time. I’ve always been interested in duotones but I never know when to use them. They don’t work everywhere. I think this duotone makes a happy Southwest photo but what do you think? Better 1 or 2?