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The Las Vegas Strip at Sunset from McCarran Field (Harry Reid International)

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This video is from my latest trip. I put it in the public domain and uploaded the file to Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons. I had to format it in .webm which I don’t like. Hence, the video you see above is hosted at Vimeo in conventional Mp4.

This video was taken from the window of a commercial jet taking off from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prominent are the major casinos of the Las Vegas Strip. Among them are, moving from left to right as the plane moves: Mandalay Bay/The Delano; the Excalibur; New York New York; the MGM Grand (in green); the Waldorf Astoria, Aria; the Bellagio (curved facade); the Linq’s High Roller Ferris wheel; the Mirage (with the word LOVE at the top of the building).

Notable toward the end of the video at the middle left is a view of the new Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium which uses dark glass.


My Favorite Airline is Helping Out

My favorite airline is JSX (external link) and they are helping out in this crisis. I haven’t written about them before because many people think it is snobbish to fly private. But this isn’t like hiring a private jet to go to Cannes. I’d call them semi-private. And they are trying to do the right thing when many people still have to fly.

JSX, formerly Jet Suite X, is a small, regional carrier here in the Southwest. They are a general aviation outfit, not a commercial carrier. As such, there is no TSA to go through, no bag searches, no overcrowded terminals, and no lines. Southwest does an admirable job but you will never want to fly them again if you can take a JSX flight to the same location.

The JSX people put all of your bags on a cart and from there into the back of the airplane. No real carry on bags allowed, save maybe a small backpack. There are no overhead bins in the passenger compartment so no one struggles to get on or off the plane. I’d say it takes less than 10 minutes for passengers to get on board, usually no more forty or so.

The downside is that they fly limited routes and fares can get expensive but with some searching you can get rates comparable to Southwest. Two across seating, no middle seats. Snacks. Alcohol if you want it. Friendly flight attendants who want to be there.

I once flew back to Las Vegas with several small radioactive mineral specimens in my luggage that I bought from Consolidated Rock and Mineral in Vacaville, California. I can’t imagine what would have happened at a large airport, doubtless I would still be in some locked room trying to explain the difference between unrefined uranium ore and refined uranium ore. You can’t carry just anything, though, they prohibit such items as certain batteries and the like.

The picture below shows the airplane I took on my last flight to Buchanan Field near Walnut Creek, California. Notice the old fashioned steps. Very refreshing. A one hundred yard walk takes you to the airfield parking lot which does not charge for parking.

They go into Oakland International much more frequently but to the general aviation terminal, avoiding the chaos surrounding the terminals of the big carriers like TWA, United, or Delta.

I’m promoting JSX because they lately have been helping people and groups get around the country in this current crisis. Here’s their recent press release.

Although the travel landscape – and the world at large – have changed drastically in the past few weeks, JSX is still taking to the skies and providing essential travel services and solutions.

JSX Assists in Repatriation of Over 100 Senior Citizens

This week JSX had the opportunity to assist in the successful repatriation of 106 U.S. citizens – most over the age of 65 – throughout the country after they arrived at DFW International Airport from overseas. In less than 48 hours, JSX assembled a fleet of planes and crews to fly to 22 cities all across the U.S.

CEO Alex Wilcox was at DFW as the planes prepared for takeoff and had this to say about the extraordinary effort:

“Our crewmembers rose to the occasion, organizing dozens of flights on a moment’s notice to pick up and deliver these special travelers ––all of whom are someone’s grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles––to their hometowns across the U.S. I know of no other non-military group or organization that could assemble a complex airlift that quickly. I am so proud of our team and grateful JSX had the opportunity to step in and get these citizens back safely to their communities and families.”

JSX fleet is available for special missions like this and others across the country, like moving essential goods or medical parts and teams, transporting government and law enforcement professionals, transporting data center operating teams and even legislators and public officials as needed. For more information about chartering our uniquely fitted Embraer 135 or 145 jets, please email or click here.

Guaranteed Single Seating for Social Distancing Onboard

Space is precious – especially when traveling – which is why JSX is temporarily limiting all public flights to 20 customers to ensure you’ll have an empty seat or an aisle, not a person, next to you. This will also further reduce the already small number of people in our private lounges, which are sanitized regularly.

Stretch out for ultimate comfort and peace of mind. Click below to book a flight today.

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