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Back When People Could Have Fun

A few posts ago I showed a 1968 advertisement for SAS Airlines which promoted girl watching. You can read my post and look at the ad here (internal link). Harmless fun which would never again be published because of joyless people in the media who are as Puritanical as devout religious goers of the 1890’s.

Well, sort of. Have you seen the trailers for the new Disney film Cinderella? It shows a gay black man as the Fairy Godmother.

Here is an ad from a 1977 National Geographic. A woman’s point of view. Again, having fun that would be outlawed today. I like the word play. John Newcombe was indeed a handsome man, Australian as I recall, and the woman on the right makes a sly joke in that regard.

Today, we can’t have fun like this anymore in print. Sexist? Relax. If you are troubled by this or that SAS ad then you need therapy.

Starting in the 1920s, the Motion Picture Production Code governed what could be shown in American movies. It persisted for decades. Better minds than yours decided what you could see. It’s the same thing today but mostly unwritten.

Large advertisers pressured by dozens of special interest groups now focus on images and copy so bland and so lacking in humor that men and women can no longer have fun being men and women. No one can take a joke.

I’ve seen young men and women not even realize that a joke was being told. And when they realize that a joke was told, they look at each other to see whether it’s appropriate to laugh or not.

How depressing.


Kate Beckinsale on a Meathook

I didn’t put her there.  A young woman director named Tanya Wexler put her there. Along with a chain around Beckinsale’s neck. Getting bound and tortured is the chief element in this supposed fight for justice and revenge flick.

It’s an Amazon product. Called Jolt. Apparently Beckinsale is fine with the movie’s direction because she went along with it. Got her check.

The chief character is Lindy who has a genetic defect that makes her go all Hulk on people when she gets angry. But the Hulk never got beaten in a sexual way while captive and hung from a meathook.

What do we have? Amazon, the movie company, this woman director, the advertisers, all of them want us to believe this is some sort of women’s lib production where the female takes control to exact revenge against evil males who started her agony. Yeah, right.

I’m not buying it. You have to watch Lindy get electrically shocked, time after time, by domineering males to really question who this film is supposed to appeal to. It was clearly produced to appeal to prurient interests. Believe me, I know that when I see it. (internal link)

Amazon isn’t engaged in an art project here, rather, the aim is to attract viewers who in turn will buy stuff.

Don’t blame me for watching. I didn’t make it, it was advertised to me and I chose to watch it. But I am the viewer here and not the Amazon boardroom and their bankers and that woman producer who decided to put their time and millions into making this film.

Who’s the greater pervert? The people that produced it or the people that watch it? This is corporate approved and manufactured misogyny.

I honestly admit to a fascination with disturbing images (internal link) but I doubt Bezos and Amazon will be so canid. (I’m waiting for their cover story or justification.)

Don’t tell me those scenes are for plot development. What plot? The only reason a guy would watch this is to see Beckinsale’s character kick ass and then to see her ass get kicked.

C’mon. This is trash. But sex sells. Always has, always will. And corporations like Amazon will always lie about advertising and sex. Or about bondage with a chain around a woman’s neck while she hangs from a meathook.

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Tik Tok, Tik Tok – No One At Rest

This is what you see when you go to TikTok. Everything set in motion, no rest, no peace, just constant and mindless movement. One guy holds a Yoga pose. My screen capture, though, caught him in-between movements.

YouTube started animating their thumbnails a few months ago. I realize TikTok is for short form video. But this whirling dervish of a website presents a kaleidoscope of people possessed. Some kind of hell where no one can rest. But I know why they can’t.

The commercial internet has been built and carried out for one reason only. It’s why these people dance and cannot rest and never will. The glittering technology behind the internet has been invented for only a single purpose: to get us to click on an ad.

Rest in peace.
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Publish Your Own Newspaper?

We’ve all heard about print on demand books. But what about print on demand newspapers? It’s possible with (external link). Your ideas or advertising gets printed on real newspaper presses.

I am only starting to read about this retro movement, but it is exciting to think about a new medium for expression that is in fact centuries old, and once pronounced as dead by digital only acolytes.

I am thinking about how I could promote my prospecting book with this, as a broadsheet could far more effectively portray maps compared to tiny brochures. It appears that printing is all done in England, perhaps fitting for an old line, traditional medium.

Does this fire your imagination? What kind of project could you carry off if you produced your own newspaper?

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Musings on The Press

“Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the twentieth century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

In my short stint as a newspaper reporter I was happy to write on the opening of a new restaurant, about the California Highway Patrol’s training academy, the Port of West Sacramento, and other pleasant stories. Each fit with the unspoken, unwritten edict of The West Sacramento News-Ledger: bring locals stories to life without negativity. Not that all stories were positive, of course, I skirted controversy every now and then. But constructive writing was always the first priority.

I have a unhealthy fascination with Yahoo News and SF Gate, the latter being the home of the printed San Francisco Chronicle. They are two terrible beacons of unrestrained fascination with the glittering and the trivial. Top Ten and Top 25 slideshows pass for journalism. Their home pages are wildly unfocused, one story promises Katie Couric’s take on “local chefs and bartenders bringing major flavor to Phoenix,” while another, not branded as an editorial, says that “conservative Texans love to fight the Feds until they need them.” And the occasional good story, like the one they just ran on Hurricane Harvey.

Yahoo News is mostly a collection of articles picked from other news organizations. Like Time, the Huffington Post, and even Architectural Digest. It’s a combination of celebrity gossip stories and hard news, but rarely any stories from a conservative point of view. Yahoo stands like a bonfire, sticks of unmeritorious, irrelevant writing set ablaze in a pile to stare at.

SFGate is little different, they specializing in click-bait slide shows passing as journalism. “New on Streaming Services” (image 1 of 55). “Thirty Three Game of Throne Actors Who Look Extremely Different in Real Life.” “Newlyweds live in RV to pay off $50,000 of debt in one year (image 1 of 11). The Chronicle often covers Twitter celebrity comments as actual news. “Bella Hadid shuts down fat shamers in latest tweet.” I have never tweeted. The USENET flame wars of the mid-to late 90s convinced me that no one changes their mind. The threads back then seemed a little more civil, although it was always a question of who would call the other person a Nazi first, thus ending all possible merit to the conversation.

What’s unseen in all this bad writing is that clicks count. Editors know exactly how many clicks each story gets and writers are presumably rewarded. Advertising revenue must be generated and future writing assignments based on the performance of previous articles. That’s a very depressing thought, that ad views now directly control content. Publishers used to separate news departments from any entertainment division they might have but no longer. We now have infotainment. It may be that constructive, positive reporting no longer pays. If so, we are lost.








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