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Rewriting and Forgetting History in Today’s Ever Present Moment

1984 is here. The Orwellian Era has officially begun in the United States. CNN reports (external link) that a large statute dedicated to Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia will be removed on Wednesday under orders by authorities of that … Continue reading

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This Vaccine is a Test

Corporations and government requiring a Covid vaccination on pain of losing employment are testing people to weed them out of their organizations. They don’t want dissenters, free-thinkers, conservative Christians, people with another opinion, conspiracy believers, or anyone else that goes … Continue reading

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What If Civil War Monuments Were Books?

There’s a deeply disturbing trend to remove Civil War monuments and to rename parks, schools, and streets whose subjects¬†are no longer in favor. Librarians and scholars, on the other hand, celebrate banned books, publications so controversial in their time that … Continue reading

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