No Place for Sadness

Couldn’t resist playing with this YouTube video of The Blue Man Group and Venus Hum. I was very lucky to see the group a few years ago in Las Vegas. You’ll see where the experimenting with cropping, overlays and saturation begins.

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Editing 101

Max. Lost in time. Locked the silly thing behind him when he disappeared. Left many friends and too many ex-wives that he owed back child support.

More details to follow.

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Goldfield, Nevada – The True Wild West

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The Flying Camels Return!

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The Best Piano Player in Popular Music Today? Henri Herbert

Here’s Henri Herbert at a public piano, surely not the best quality, probably a bit out of tune, an improv microphone setup, bad acoustics with the crowd noise, and yet he sounds like he is playing two pianos at once. A continual, rolling sound.

I think it unfair to label him as just a boogie woogie piano player, this is something beyond.

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Free Digital Download

Life is too often an advertising optical illusion, promising sex, speed, or money with its images, when in fact there was nothing there to begin with. Like this illusion of cigarette endorsements promoting flavor, smoothness, and style points while spinning you into an early grave. Does that sound profound? Okay. I’ll knock it off.

24″X30″ when printed out. Those smiling faces can hypnotize. It’s saved as a jpg to economize on file weight. Should be decent looking printed in draft mode but use good paper. Click on the image below. And then right click on the image to download. Patience, Grasshopper. This is an 18 megabyte file.

The second photo shows the work unframed. Light ’em if you got ’em.

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The Blood Moon Eclipse

Last night was a so called “blood moon” eclipse but I was not expecting much. High clouds and, well, anything labeled “blood” seems overdramatic. I was wrong. At three or four in the morning I walked outside and was completely overwhelmed.

The moon was aglow like a red Tiki lantern. Rushed back inside to grab my point and shoot Nikon and then managed to take a few shots while braced against the side of my garage. No tripod, no preparation. Next time.

No post. Most of these are coming out of totality.

Earlier in the evening. High clouds.

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The Only Wonder of the Ancient and Modern World

Framed up. Beige mat? All that they had a the thrift store. May pinstripe it using markers or paint.

Original illo. Used legally by way of my license with Deposit Photos.

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How to Support My Efforts to Beautify the World

How to Support My Efforts to Beautify the World OR fill it with whimsy and happy art.

Buy something from my Etsy Store:


Commission me to produce a poster or graphic for a friend’s birthday, a wedding, life event of any kind, or a tribute to yourself, something you hide from the kids and the wife, but which you look on occasionally to try to convince yourself of your own greatness. As if that’s a bad thing. $200 for a commission and I can use any FB or Instagram quality photos.

E-mail for that is

This is the first time since starting this blog (10 years and 1,337 posts ago) that I have asked for anything from my readers but now that I have become a starving artist I must play the part. As you know, I have never carried ads on my site, asked people to register, or put a copyright down on anything I have presented here.

Indulge me. And thanks in advance for the support and for the people that have already bought my art.

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A/I Powers Ahead

We’ve all thought of jokes that might make good cartoons but we couldn’t draw. Maybe A/I could do that for you.

This took about two minutes of coming up with the right words for the image generator to draw the picture I wanted. Then I added the type. About six minutes. Better looking than a lot of comic book illustrators, indeed, we are at the point that the joke takes over and does not get dragged down by the execution of the graphic.

I’m not Isaiah of the Old Testament prophesying the coming of Christ. No, Jesus is walking the earth RIGHT NOW and just starting to perform miracles. Look busy.

More. I asked for a cat smiling like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland with a sepia tone and in an illustration style.

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