Lost in Translation

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A Plea for Tolerance

I’m a serious person so I have a serious tone. That is now a problem.

We have today an enormous amount of people who can’t support their argument with facts so they focus instead on the way the other person is delivering theirs.

Ben Shapiro is a great example.

Rarely wrong on the facts, people instead attack his tone. Tone? Really? That’s all you have?

Since Ben is a public figure, no one can accuse him of threatening the other person. But since most conversations are private, these poor, limited, and feeble minded people are now fighting back against strong argument by calling law enforcement. “His remarks are troubling, his tone threatening. Please come out and talk to him.”

The wrong tone means you are confrontational, confrontational means violence, violence means guns, guns means killing people.

The wrong tone will get you put in jail. In California and Nevada, a police officer at his or her discretion can put you into a hospital for a 72 hour psychiatric hold without ever having to arrest or charge you. Just because you have the wrong tone.

What they will say with a wink and a smile is this, “We think you are so upset about this matter (name the problem that some idiot who can’t argue called you out on) that we worry you will kill yourself. For your own safety, we are getting you committed.” And that’s it. It’s the ideal way to punish someone whose acts don’t rise to criminality but which the police officer and that snowflake finds offensive.

As for me, personally, I am sixty-four years old and have never been arrested and have absolutely no police record. My last traffic ticket was over twenty years ago. I have never owned a gun and I don’t own one now. I am not a registered gun owner. But none of that matters. It’s easier to lock a person up than to try to understand them.

Watch what you say these days. It doesn’t matter what is right or what the facts are. You have to have the right tone.

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Music Found for the Dancing Girl. Now Added: Whirls and Swirls

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The Dancing Girl Returns!

Pastel color scheme was generated by my Sony Handycam (VHS tape) as it was recording the projection of the dancing girl thrown onto a projector screen. Later, I used some earlier green screen footage to see if the pastel green would wreck the green screen process. Doesn’t look like it did.

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Dancing Enhances Joy

Dancing Enhances Joy. You may quote me on that. More multi-media pHun.

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Pushing Pixels Number 15: Poster Conversion and Rescue

Very beat up promotional poster at the thrift store for $90. Paid the owner ten bucks to take it off the wall then let me photograph. This took hours but I like it on heavy paper.

I can’t sell these kinds of copyrighted material but if you have something damaged in black and whie I can certainly make something different out of it with just your photo. This is 24″ X 36″.

If the hippies had come along ten years later their movement would have been captured much more fully. Compared to the era of the Beatniks, the Hippies presented poorly through black and white film but there were little good choices. A photographer knew back then that with Tri-X he could always get a good image, so much of the reportage was done in monotone.

Color film, by comparison, hadn’t yet developed well. (Get the pun?) Color was tricky to process and expensive for a newspaper to print. Many newspapers only had color photos in a Sunday edition. National Geographic and Playboy were forerunners in using better color for publication but if you look at the quality of those images, well, that color was kind of sickly. Kodachrome and Ektachrome were continually being improved but good color was still the province of the studio photographer and the person who shot fine art photography.

The right corner bottom shadow is from shooting indoors. Terrible wind outside for photocopy. I am still adjusting this posters brightness. I have to experiment with PS as well as the ink and paper.

This is the the photo I took of the poster, with indoor lighting. Yes, the poster was turning yellow.

This is on fabric mounted on wood.


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New Logo

This is from Photologo. I’ve used them before. The first version they sent had no space showing in the loop of the ‘l.’ The l looked like a stick. Asked them to revise and a week later this came back. I’m happy enough. This is hand lettering. They presented this to me in landscape from which I then made an alternate version in 1:1.

Alternate, good for Instagram and whatever. I scaled Thomas down, and scaled Farley up. Trying to get more depth of field in the logo.

Here’s where I am at for a more final version.

I’ve also secured digitaldesigns.art as a domain and will soon be building that out.

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All of Life is a Work in Progress

Took some “setting up the mic footage” from this morning’s shoot and added a previous effort to the background. Lo resolution here. My mike is buzzing and, overall, audio could be boosted and made bettered. Linda Linda by Sci Fi Caper. I do not own the rights. Just for pHun. Hit ‘full screen.”


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I Take Questions From the Press

Art Gallery Here (internal link)

Version one is subtle, the lost art of deadpan humor.

Enhanced  version for those unused to dry wit.

Rough and Unedited Transcript

Hi, my name is Thomas Farley and I am here today to answer a few questions from the press regarding my artwork.

These questions have been vetted by my cat, John Charles Fremont.

The press is remaining outside in a secure room.

I cannot let them in to the house.

I can’t afford to restock the liquor cabinet once again, what kind of art style are you involved in?

I’ve heard it called photo montage.

I call it poster art. Digital collage. Bugs Bunny would probably call it digital collage. As far as an art style, I don’t know. I know an art style.

That’s the only one I know, and he owes me money.

What am I selling?

I’m selling a design service. So for $200 you can get a custom made poster currently produced at 24 X 36.

inches or a similarly large size.

I’ll design the poster, provide you two prints for $200, and give you the digital file that’ll be available@dropbox.com. Revision would be $50 and another two prints. Postage is on you unless it’s local delivery to perm postage anywhere from 13 and a half to $20. These days I can use your Instagram photos, Facebook photos. They don’t have to be too great because they’re just being posterized. Essentially, you can see the work of my Gallery.

If your artwork.

Could talk, what would it say?

Buy me. Yes, that’s definite.

By Tom Service.

What do I need to know when.

Looking at your work for the first time?

Don’t panic.

I think that’s good advice.

Generally, if you’re well grounded in some.

Sort of faith, I think that helps.

Cheer up.

Life is temporary.

That would probably, I think, gets you through your first viewing.

Where is my cat food?

Okay, obviously, John Charles got into the questions himself.

So we’ll go to the next one.


You got into that question, didn’t you?

All right, the next one would be.

Where’s my cat food?

All right.

And the next one is Where’s my cat food? So I’m going to have to freelance it here.

Essentially, as you can see from the.

Artwork, it’s a bunch of found images. I’ll call them clip art people supplying their own photographs.

But if you have somebody that has.

An Instagram account that’s public, I can take those photos directly. You don’t have to send it to me.

I can make up an origin story.

I’m really good on this building.

What else? What does the future hold for your artwork?

Hand lettering. I will have to contract that out, though.

It’s going to greatly improve, I think.

The look of especially small lettering when.

It’S cursed, and that will be improved. I’ll have to raise my prices at.

That point because I will have to.

Contract out to there’s a Las Vegas.

Artist that I know.

What would you say about your artwork?

Probably the same thing that my works would say.

Buy my service.

And I think that’s a good thing.

To end on breakfast.

(Cat meows loudly)

I’ll take that as a Yes.

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The Monks: I Hate You

You’ll never forget this beat. No matter how hard you try. From Black Monk Time. 1966.

I hate you. But call me.

“Hey, well I hate you with a passion baby yeah (but call me)
Well you know my hate’s everlastin’ baby yeahyeah (but call me)
Do you, do you, do you, do you, do you, do you, do you, do you
Do you know why I hate you baby? Huh, do you know?(but call me)
Cause because you make, make me, make me hate you baby, yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah
Well allright

Well I hate you baby with a passion yeah you know I do (but call me)
Oh you know my hate’s everlastin’ baby, yeah yeah yeah (but call me)
Ohhh you know you know you know you know why I hate you baby? Huh, do you? (but call me)
Ohhh it’s because you make me hate you baby, yeahyeahyeahyeah (but call me)
Well alright”

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