I’m a ham radio operator again and back with my old call. In the early nineties I was KD6NSP. I didn’t use the hobby much and my no code technician license eventually expired.

I recently tested again and I became KI7OSM. But, the FCC has now allowed me to use my old call and I am grateful. One more note, in August of 2107 I passed my General exam. You can read about my passing it here (internal link).

I’m having an excellent time studying with HamTestOnline. Here’s their URL:


It took over twenty hours of study for me to pass the tech test. Which I aced, by the way. For the general, however, I didn’t worry about a perfect score. I missed two questions and I was very happy about that. Exam time for the General? I hate to say this, but forty hours.

73, Thomas

Below is my QSL card. (This is a scan, it looks better in person.) Colorful cards like these are exchanged by operators after making a contact on the HF or High Frequency bands. Like the individual, every card is different. For a look at more cards, go here: http://kb3ifh.homestead.com/ (external link)