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These are covers of some published articles. You’ll find links to many of these on my page “Snips.” Click on that link to go there. Or click on any of the links below:

American Heritage Invention and Technology Magazine article on cell phone history (internal link) 

American Heritage Invention and Technology Magazine article on gold mining (18 megs) (internal link)

Telenor article on mobile phone history (internal link)

Sierra Heritage: HWY 50 – The Beginnings (internal link)

In January, 2016 Rock&Gem Magazine (external link) published my 2,800 word article, A Nevada Turquoise Adventure.

In May, 2016, Rock&Gem published my article entitled Goldfield’s Gems. Here’s some background on the article (internal link).

In August, 2016, Rock&Gem published another article of mine. Background here (internal link).

In March, 2017, Rock&Gem published my article “The Meaning of Mariposite.” Background is here. (internal link)

In April, 2017, Rock&Gem published my article about Quartzsite, Arizona. Background is here. (internal link).

I’ve also been published in the noncommercial world of the literary magazine. The Temenos Journal recently published my first creative nonfiction essay, “Describing The Elephant.”

These are two articles in the September/October 2017 issue of Outdoor California.  This hardcopy publication for California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has no online presence. The article titles are “High Water Legacy” and “A Bypass By Any Other Name.”

And another article in the March/April, 2018 issue of Outdoor California entitled “The Middle of Nowhere.” All about the Camp Cady Wildlife Area near Barstow, California. Nine of my photographs, some taken by drone, accompanied the article.

I have a full length and fully illustrated article here about a dinosaur collecting site (internal link) that shows off my positive writing style.


SPECIAL NOTE: I appeared in an episode of Man, Moment, and Machine on the History Channel. The subject was Alexander Graham Bell. (Back when the History Channel covered history.)


I was a paid stringer for the West Sacramento News-Ledger (external link). I had to stop when I moved to Las Vegas. For permanence, I’ve put most of the articles up at this site, along with additional photographs. All links are internal.

The Outdoors Next Door: Exploring the Yolo Bypass 

The Port of West Sacramento is on a Path to Profitability 

West Sacramento’s CERT: Educate, Prepare and Assist

The TBD Fest: West Sacramento Hosts the Area’s Largest Music Festival

West Sacramento Reacts to TBD 

The West Sacramento Historical Society: Looking Forward and Back 

The Yolo Education Center: Helping Students Achieve Success

All Politics are Local

Retired Assistant City Manager Carol Richardson Looks Back

A Historic Firehouse Reborn

The Sail Inn is Back In Port

Artwork for Joey Lopes Park

West Sacramento Waterfront Stories

Chando’s Tacos Expands to West Sacramento

These are older articles I wrote for the Ledger:

The California Highway Patrol Academy

The Sail Inn




I used to write blog posts and pages for a dozen law firms through InFocus Web Marketing. (internal link). I was a contract worker there for five and a half years. InFocus builds and manages content authority websites. These are typical posts. Links are external.

The Law and Pokémon Go

The Dangers of Personal Watercraft

Pit Bull Problems

Train Accident at a Troubled Intersection

I was a contract worker for Representative articles are below.

This is a link to my bio and an article list

How to protect your car when traveling with pets
Protecting your car’s paint finish
How to decorate with a triptych painting
Where to learn the history of country music
Which electronics you need for travel abroad
Why do British movies look different?
Which musical genre is the most popular?
Which accessories to buy for your vinyl collection

Top Ten Essential Woodworking Hand Tools
Top Ten Ways to Use Landscaping Stones
Top Ten Creative Places to Hang Artwork
Top Ten Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids This Summer


Below, you can see the covers of the hardcopy magazine I published which was private line. Its accompanying website still exists as an archive (external link).

Private Line Magazine Covers

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