Disturbing Images

I’ve joined the “It’s art crowd” (internal link) by selling the posters I enjoy making.  See anything you like? If you let Mapplethorpe pass then let me go. If you don’t know who he was, well, we’re not going to have a very informed discussion, are we?

$25.00 each. $5.00 shipping and handling. US addresses only. No frames. PayPal only: thomasfarley@yahoo.com is the right email for me to receive funds. Tell me which number you want. Questions go to the same email.

These are all on glossy paper. All 24″ by 36″ except where noted. At least at 300 dpi. The thumbnails you see below are at 72 dpi. I print them on demand. See the video below.

Most images resemble somewhat muddy but colorful watercolor paintings. I get creative with low res images with Photoshop to produce what you see here. Surrealistic. The butterfly poster, the USGS poster, and the Gumps poster, however, are all quite sharp. Real life installs also below.

Here’s a quick look at my HP DesignJet 650. About $1,600 as it sits. Paper is over $100 a roll. A set of cartridges over $100 as well.

I don’t include frames but here’s what some look like on a wall, glare and all.

And here’s a fun discussion about which Fonda image to choose.