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This is a noncommercial site. No monetary relation exists with any other site. I place no ads, however, I do not control what outside resources like YouTube might do. I set no cookies, either, unless WordPress does in a manner I have no control over. I do not collect email addresses or sell them. There are no copyright restrictions at this site on any photograph or writing I have produced.

About Me

My name is Thomas Farley and I am a professional contract writer from Pahrump, Nevada. I was originally a certificated paralegal before writing for publication. has been and remains my chief employer for the last five years. InFocus builds websites and supplies writing and other content for law firms across the United States and Canada. We routinely use Wrike, ahrefs, and G Suite.

I write original material, revise and edit the work of others, make SEO related topic suggestions, handle overseas contractors, and am involved in hiring. I’m not seeking additional assignments.

NB: November 16, 2020. I am currently suffering from a vision problem that has forced me to suspend my online editing and writing.

My neglected writing website is here:


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