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My name is Thomas Farley; I write, I edit, and I take photographs to go along with the articles I produce. My first writing was about telecom, starting in 1994 when I published private line, a hardcopy magazine about the telephone system.

I’ve sold articles to many national magazines, most recently to Sierra Heritage and five to Rock&Gem. A few years ago I appeared on the History Channel in an episode on Alexander Graham Bell. In 2016 I completed a U.C. Berkeley Extension Workshop in Creative Nonfiction Writing. I’m now taking a workshop on fiction and poetry through the Greenwich Village based Writers Studio. is my chief employer. They are a Vancouver company that builds and promotes websites across the United States and Canada. I’m also a contract worker for I used to be a stringer for The West Sacramento News-Ledger and I continue to solicit other freelance work.

p.s. I am also a ham radio operator. Call sign is: KI7OSM. Phonetically, that’s Kilo India Seven Oscar Sierra Mike. Questions welcome.

Thomas Farley resume (Word document)








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