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Hello. My name is Thomas Farley. I write, I edit, and I take photographs to go along with the articles I produce. My first writing was about telecom, starting in 1994 when I published private line, a hardcopy magazine about the telephone system.

I’ve sold articles to many magazines, some of them national, most recently to Sierra Heritage, five to Rock&Gem Magazine, and two to Outdoor California. I’ve also been published in a literary journal called Temenos. A few years ago I appeared on the History Channel in an episode on Alexander Graham Bell. In 2016 I completed a U.C. Berkeley Extension Workshop in Creative Nonfiction Writing. is my chief employer. They are a Vancouver company that builds and promotes websites across the United States and Canada. I’m also a contract worker for and I used to be a stringer for The West Sacramento News-Ledger.

I recently signed a book contract with Adventure Publications. They’re the leading guidebook publisher in the United States. My book’s working title is “A Beginner’s Guide to Rockhounding and Prospecting in the Southwest.” Due out late 2019.

Because of my work load, I am no longer seeking assignments. But I’d be happy to help you find someone who is.








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