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A Plea for Tolerance

I’m a serious person so I have a serious tone. That is now a problem. We have today an enormous amount of people who can’t support their argument with facts so they focus instead on the way the other person … Continue reading

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Music Found for the Dancing Girl. Now Added: Whirls and Swirls

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Pushing Pixels Number 15: Poster Conversion and Rescue

Very beat up promotional poster at the thrift store for $90. Paid the owner ten bucks to take it off the wall then let me photograph. This took hours but I like it on heavy paper. I can’t sell these … Continue reading

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I Take Questions From the Press

Art Gallery Here (internal link) Version one is subtle, the lost art of deadpan humor. Enhanced ┬áversion for those unused to dry wit. Rough and Unedited Transcript Hi, my name is Thomas Farley and I am here today to answer … Continue reading

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Running Up That Hill – reposted and revised

Ed. note: I want to show more love for Jorn by reposting this post. His voice is absolutely stunning. Original post: Running up That Hill is a beloved standard by Kate Bush and has been covered hundreds of times by … Continue reading

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Nightime Reality and Daytime Reality and Mental Health Awareness Month

What I experience at night is just as real, terrifying, horrific, or devastating as anything you experience in the day. Deal with it. And if you doubt me, you disrespect my condition in that you do not trust me. Yet, … Continue reading

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Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain

1985. We’re in an echo chamber with a Scottish band called The Jesus and Mary Chain. Life is good. Or, we’re watching the melancholy ending to Lost in Translation, with two not so different people returning to their very different … Continue reading

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America’s Favorite Victim

The title of America’s Favorite Victim was first awarded to Mabel Norman in 1913 for her role in Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life.   Jamie Lee Curtis won the title for the entirety of the 1970s when she starred … Continue reading

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1980’s Color Choices

Okay, let’s just mix all those electric color choices of the 80s into a bucket and then wash in something that looks like blue lava. Princess Ardala of the Draconian Empire. The only reason to watch the 1979/1980 Buck Rogers … Continue reading

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Rhodesia Repost from Last Year

This needs to be said again. And again. Before free speech and accurate histories are regarded as only important to white racists. Updated September 22, 2021 As Long As a Free Man Breathes There Will Always Be a Rhodesia When … Continue reading

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