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Gold and Going Away

Little is more coveted than gold. It has been that way for thousands of years and it will continue for millennia yet to be. Man’s attraction seems genetic. Civilizations have risen on acquiring it and maintaining it, people have risen … Continue reading

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In Quartzsite, Arizona

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here. I resist, Having a wonderful time, wish you were beautiful. Happiness is where you and your dog are welcome. The dog is Holly. I’m reporting some day to day happenings for Rock … Continue reading

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Southwestern Art Deco

Art Deco had many regional variants. Hoover Dam is the Southwest’s greatest Deco structure but other styles exist like Pueblo Deco. It’s fun to see Deco survive around the region. The first two photos are bridge abutments near Burro Creek … Continue reading

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New Book Coming Along Well

Ran off a copy of what I have written so far. A good two to three more months of work. Coming along. — Follow me on Instagram: tgfarley

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A Casual Look at Color and Monochrome

Simple demonstration between color and monochrome photography. With color photos, I notice colors. With black and white, I notice textures. I’m deciding on photos for my new book. I think monochrome still has its place in a world addicted to … Continue reading

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Wanderings in the Southwest and Beyond

I’m turning my Southwest Travel list (external link) into an ebook and a print on demand hardcopy book through Amazon. Release date to be determined, at least another month away. The California chapter will include meanderings in The State of … Continue reading

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A Hint of Sparkle in Still Photography

I’ve written on how still photography can’t capture sparkle. (internal link) Rolf Luetke comes close (external link) , though, in this slightly blurry photo of crystals showing striations. — — There are also swirls in the photo as light plays off varied crystal … Continue reading

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