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Part Two: More Images from Thomas Farley Designs

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Some of my Images in Landscape or Horizontal View

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Old Airport, New Airport

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The End of Talking

Our society is doomed. We will soon no longer be able to talk to each other.

There was a live chat this morning sponsored by Adobe featuring a graphic artist making up a bingo card with different cartoon characters in each square. Which reminded me of this project which I did last year.

I said in chat that I did something similar last year and entitled it, “Women are a puzzle.” He looked at my text for a long time and said, “That sounds funny but I won’t read the title.” Really?

Well, men are a puzzle too, but without even seeing this image, he is too scared or politically correct to say the words “Women are a puzzle.”

In the past, artists could be revolutionaries and fight against the establishment. After all, art is about free expression. Not any more; this pathetic self-censorship is akin to someone working at a university. Very depressing. And don’t tell me this is the way it is. I know that it is. And it is _wrong_.

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Repost: Hoping This Helps Someone Somewhere

No matter how difficult your situation is, I hope you find peace.


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Goldfield Days 2023 — Everything Must Go!

Goldfield Days this year will run from August 4th through the sixth. If any store or attraction will ever be open in Goldfield, it will be open that weekend.

The event is a great deal of fun, out annual blow-out. Speaking of which, I will be selling everything I own that weekend as I get ready to leave the country.

All of my artwork, all of my watch stuff (I was a watch guy), video gear, tripods, everything. I’m selling everything. Maybe all of my art for five bucks apiece, you pick. I can’t take it with me. If you want to meet me, well, that sounds disturbing, but August is your last chance to do so. I have no plans to come back.

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The Burghers of Calais

At the moment they truly understood their sacrifice to spare their city. There’s no false bravado here, rather, Rodin captures each man’s own reaction to his soon coming death.

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A Perplexing Pose

1986 ad for Axis in the February issue of Interview Magazine. This ad leapt off the page at me. The model is striking an almost Rodin like pose.

An unusual shot to begin with, with the image taken from above and the model’s face hidden from the camera. But those lines! The photographer is uncredited but I would guess that he or she painted from life at some point.

This could be a happy accident but the lines are too strong for me to think that way.

Here is The Thinker in the Gates of Hell, a monumental work by Rodin. This is not the stand alone statue of The Thinker that everyone is familiar with.

Another take on the matter:

Or is this better?

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Keep On Trucking

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Endless Studies

I can’t fix her bony hands. I need to enroll her in the Steak of the Month Club.