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Paris Hilton (the cat)

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Some Sights

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Some of my Images in Landscape or Horizontal View — Locally Hosted

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Thomas Farley Designs Part I

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“Now See Here, Miss Vera Zorina. If That Is Your Real Name.”

Colliers, October 15, 1954. Another design concept. Carrying off any project with these low res and screened images would be a major accomplishment and require a ton of work.

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Slaughterhouse Canyon, Goldfield, Nevada

As a famous writer said about Ireland, a terrible beauty.

No graffiti. None.

Dusting spots for the burros and pronghorn. Pronghorn out today, in fact, they are always around. Sit down for fifteen minutes on a high hill. You’ll eventually see them, hundreds of yards away. Staring at you.

The video was shot in my iPhone 13 in what Apple calls Cinematic Mode. Some of the stills look like they had HDR put on them but I didn’t do it. None of these have been worked on in post. They are just snapshots, no aim at artistry.

A beautiful day.

Dusting spots.

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Two Is/Are Better Than One

After, Transition, and Before:

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Two More Desert Mysteries

Raw footage, no enhancements. Details to follow. Maybe.

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Repost: Hoping This Helps Someone Somewhere

No matter how difficult your situation is, I hope you find peace.


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Sharon Artlip’s New Community Closet in Goldfield, Nevada

Sharon and many others put a great deal of effort into this building. Feel free to donate and to take something. It’s still a bit under construction but everything in Goldfield is. This is a very quick and dirty video.