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Some Photoshop Filters

These were all produced on auto settings. Most can be manipulated endlessly by setting manually. Update: I am selling a 24X36 unframed poster of these images. From my Disturbing Images page . . .

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Gumps on Post in San Francisco

Gumps was a store that helped make San Francisco magical. It started in 1861 after the Gold Rush flooded San Francisco with wealth. Treasures from the Orient poured in. Yes, the Orient. It was part gift shop, part museum, and … Continue reading

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Original Photographs and the Impossibility of Everything Connected to Them

After your article proposal has been accepted your next challenge will be providing photographs to accompany the text. I hope you can take them yourself. The world of Nat Geo doesn’t exist anymore for freelancers. You will not have a … Continue reading

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I Know it When I See It

“But to live outside the law, you must be honest.” Bob Dylan United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart struggled in 1964 to define pornography in the landmark case of Jacobellis v. Ohio. In his concurring opinion, Stewart wrote, essentially, … Continue reading

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More on Neural Filters

This photo is from the New York Public Library Digital collection. Here’s the original. Here’s what a one click colorization produced in Photoshop. Now, one click on “Auto” using the curve controls for an image. Quite amazing.

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An Amazing Development With Photoshop

Amazing development with PhotoshopCC. Adobe is introducing a number of so called neural filters which in this case colorizes black and white photographs. Amazing. I think some of the processing is done in the cloud,, however, you do have to … Continue reading

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My Bad. And my Bad Guy Moment.

I thought the neighborhood in Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” video was in Palm Springs. Had to be. Turns out the location was Balboa Heights which is a part of the greater San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The most featured … Continue reading

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Hiking the Marin Headlands

For years I hiked the Marin Headlands, that area just north and west of the Golden Gate Bridge. I often joined Katy’s group. She is a national Sierra Club leader and a much stronger hiker than myself. My favorite spots … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Review 7.5 out of 10 A good film. This is a romance and “hope conquers all” movie with action serving as a backdrop. It is not a normal follow on to a superhero movie. It is obviously … Continue reading

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Sit Rep

Hope you are well or well enough. Just got back from Utah. People and families are on the move for the summer, with my hotel completely booked for the weekend and surrounding hotels looking equally crowded. Good days of exploring … Continue reading

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