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Music Found for the Dancing Girl. Now Added: Whirls and Swirls

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I Take Questions From the Press

Art Gallery Here (internal link) Version one is subtle, the lost art of deadpan humor. Enhanced ¬†version for those unused to dry wit. Rough and Unedited Transcript Hi, my name is Thomas Farley and I am here today to answer … Continue reading

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La Marseillaise Sung by Mireille Mathieu (with English subtitles)

I’ve never understood La Marseillaise until now. An anthem so stirring it could churn butter. As all translations differ, the version below differs from what is on the video. La Marseillaise – English lyrics From Arise children of the … Continue reading

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No Help Needed

No Help Needed The video of Amy Winehouse that I posted recently (internal link) shows that she didn’t need anybody except a guitarist to bring out her music.Tony Bennet wasn’t needed, an elaborate studio wasn’t needed, a group of musicians … Continue reading

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Me and My Uncle

The Grateful Dead performed Me and My Uncle at nearly every performance. They were a great story telling band, either with their own songs, or someone else’s. I remembered the first time I heard this song by the Dead, with … Continue reading

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Monty Python’s Cheese Shop

This is the original version from the record Matching Tie and Handkerchief. It has a much superior script that the Pythons wrote for their television sketch after the recording became popular. Follow me on Instagram: tgfarley  

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We’ll Meet Again

I’m enjoying watching Picard on CBS All Access, the latest installment in the decades old Star Trek franchise. Episode Seven hit me very hard as it featured old friends reunited in a warm, sunny place of great beauty and peace. … Continue reading

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A Dead Parrot and a Lumberjack

The Parrot Sketch MR. PRALINE John Cleese SHOP OWNER Michael Palin A customer enters a pet shop. Mr. Praline: ‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint. (The owner does not respond.) Mr. Praline: ‘Ello, Miss? Owner: What do you mean … Continue reading

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Day Two of the PowWow in Quartzsite, Arizona: Thursday, January 16th

Thursday at the QIA PowWow Thursday brought another day of beautiful weather to Quartzsite. A few wisps of clouds appeared from time to time, somewhat relieving the sun’s powerful glare. Temperatures rose into the high 60’s in the afternoon, shirt … Continue reading

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To All The Bands Corporate Radio Never Played

Sci-Fi Caper¬†(internal link), a power trio who has a chance at success with the rise of the internet. I can’t express how suffocating it was to go through the 70s and 80s with radio playlists controlling which bands got on … Continue reading

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