Plate from Macrolepidoptera of the World

20X28 poster of plate 1144/145 from Volume 5 of Macrolepidoptera of the World, Dr. Adalbert Seitz, Editor.

I have the original plate, bought from a geologist friend who has long had an interest in all things Lepidoptera. I scanned the 8.5X11 inch plate at 600 dpi and then downscaled it to 400 dpi for printing. I then added a copy of a copy of the title page and then added my friend’s remarks on the history of the plate. Beautiful on this glossy paper and retains good detail. Shows a Mariposa! You’ll need to cut it to fit a 20X28 inch frame. Email Mme if you want complete details on this plate. I might offer it as a digital download if you want. #10

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