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How Can You Live With Yourselves?

I’m continuing to be distressed over the number of phone calls I make to medical offices that are never returned or are returned long after a question needed to be answered, I don’t make many calls. Those I do are … Continue reading

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My Bad. And my Bad Guy Moment.

I thought the neighborhood in Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” video was in Palm Springs. Had to be. Turns out the location was Balboa Heights which is a part of the greater San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The most featured … Continue reading

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Kitsch-man as Tourist by Ludwig Giesz. And the Rise of the Selfie.

What is kitsch? Everything in the last town I lived in which was Las Vegas. I know it when I see it. I’ll leave a better definition to dictionaries and the great book KITSCH: The World of Bad Taste by … Continue reading

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No Point Talking

There’s no point talking to someone who doesn’t care. Or is too stupid to understand you. A technician at an ophthalmologist’s office told me this afternoon that he had to touch my eye to conduct a test. He had a … Continue reading

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Painting With Sand After Bob Ross

Fascinating. This artist on Twitch is watching an old Bob Ross painting video and then attempting to recreate his image with colored sand. And she is wearing bunny ears. And she has a nice Russian accent. Twitch always puts on … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk and Learn About Alice and Wonderland

The first few minutes seem promising. I look forward to watching the rest and hope the discussion does not turn political. Judging the past by the way revisionists see issues today has killed all literary criticism. That was a serious … Continue reading

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Red Flag Alert

The most often heard comment after someone kills themself is that there were no red flags. No warning signs. No outward appearance of anything wrong. Well, I’ve raised more red flags in these posts and on this Intermountain Health Care … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

Otis Redding is known for Dock of the Bay. But his best singing was probably at Monterey Pop in the spring of 1967. If you don’t cry at first viewing this video then you will when you watch it later. … Continue reading

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For Want of a Nail . . .

Medical science is advancing at the same time patient support is retreating. It is as if we have built a Porsche that no one can maintain since no service appointments are available. Or the mechanic is too expensive to afford. … Continue reading

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I’m As Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!

Frustrating talk with my psychiatrist today. A phone consultation. She was reading off the form she had to complete to get me approved for ECT. I am paying the tens of thousands of dollars it will require since Humana and … Continue reading

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