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Freelance writer specializing in outdoor subjects, particularly rocks, gems and minerals.

The Same Old Movie

First Subject Woke up from a terrible dream just now after only forty minutes or so of sleeping. The worst nightmares are these, finding myself hurting someone I love or someone I love hurting me. You’d think after 33 years … Continue reading

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In Memoriam / 9-11 / Many Questions

Twenty years later I am still confused on what to call the people that the world calls Islamist terrorists. The Taliban certainly represent this kind of group. But who are they really? Have we accepted them as religous fundamentalists first … Continue reading

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Let’s Return to Direct Lead Paragraphs

A Wandering Lead and Three Revisions Writers must compose direct lead paragraphs or risk losing readers. A wandering opening finds readers lost, wandering somewhere else. A direct opening can’t guarantee that a reader will continue but a clear, direct path … Continue reading

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More Colorizing With Photoshop’s Neural Filter

Adobe recently come out with filters which rely on downloading additional software and then real time processing in the cloud. In other words, for these operations, Photoshop is not a stand alone program but instead relies in part on harnessing … Continue reading

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Rewriting and Forgetting History in Today’s Ever Present Moment

1984 is here. The Orwellian Era has officially begun in the United States. CNN reports (external link) that a large statute dedicated to Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia will be removed on Wednesday under orders by authorities of that … Continue reading

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This is How Everyone Dies

A recent article in the Sun (external link) describes how women celebrities and influencers on Instagram are sometimes stalked by lunatics who cause harm. One woman was recently killed. Celebrity stalking didn’t begin with Instagram, of course, I’m sure Helen … Continue reading

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To A Poet a Thousand Years Hence by James Elroy Flecker

Another poet grasping for immortality and advising other poets on same. Just like Shakespeare did centuries before with “Not Marble Nor the Gilded Monuments” (internal link) Well, this poem has lasted a hundred years. My writing won’t. Flecker wins! Maeonides, … Continue reading

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Affliction Turning Into Disease

4:05 AM I was trying to wake from another bad dream just now and found I couldn’t. I am sometimes aware that I am dreaming when going through a violent nightmare or disturbing dream but this time I couldn’t end … Continue reading

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A Poster for My Veterinarian

I asked my veterinarian’s office if they would like a cat poster since their lobby only had one of dogs. They said they would so I came up with this one. I couldn’t find any cat breeds of the world … Continue reading

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The New Puritans by By Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic

I’ve written that today’s culture is governed by people straight out of the Victorian Age with their humorless morals and judgments on anything previously found fun or enjoyable. They are admittedly a strange bunch of Victorians since they condone a … Continue reading

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