My Etsy store is here:

I’m using a print on demand service to produce, package, and mail out my designs. This print on demand or POD angle is the only way I can carry out commerce online. There is no other economic way for me to do it and besides that, the POD service I am using can offer more paper and material choices than my overused wide format printer can.

All of these posters and prints come rolled up in a tube; the best bet for frames is by searching through thrift stores.

There’s only a few things up right now but I am working on putting up more and in more sizes. I have to learn two interfaces, neither of them integrated: the one at Etsy and the one at Gooten for POD. Tricky. More later.


This is August 6, 2022. Google still redirects to my business profile site. Sigh.

June 25, 2022. Google has not yet linked this profile site to my primary site. Go here for my primary site:

Welcome! Despite what Google says, right now I am open by appointment only. I have two websites I am building out to support my poster business and I need some time to do that.

I can design a 24″ X 36″ poster for you on almost any subject: business, pet, a vehicle, and much more. $150 for the design and two prints. Mailing is $20.00 extra in the United States. No frame; best value is always from a thrift store.

Except for the bottom two, posters were photographed outdoors under acrylic shields and they exhibit every attendant light problem.

I can work with Facebook or Instagram grade photos. E-mail me at That address is also the one I accept payment through PayPal. Thank you for your consideration. Thomas

NB: I am especially proud of this poster. I used faded old magazine and book photos and nothing else but Photoshop. The design is completely mine.

Custom poster work done.