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Strangers to History

The personal computer boom really got going in the late 1970s with the Apple II and some other pioneering machines making their way to market. It really got going in 1984 when IBM introduced their personal computer entry and with the Mac providing another approach with its mouse.

For the next fifteen or twenty years we had to suffer under the constant bleating of idiots asking why they needed a computer. Why?! Why?! Why?! Well, why do you need a brain? To learn. Do you want to learn? Why do you need the greatest learning tool ever invented on your desk? You need an explanation for that? Christ. Functionally worthless people taking up space. You do know you can turn off a computer when you don’t need it?

Well, here we are again with A/I. Gutenberg revolutionized the world with a copy machine. That’s all it was. A copy machine. Didn’t make anything new. But every historian agrees that the world was completely changed once moveable type was made practical. A/I is a creation machine. Let me repeat that.

A/I is a creation machine.

Do you get that? We are in Santa’s workshop. What do you want for Christmas? If you don’t know, let Chat make a suggestion. And don’t worry about A/I taking over the world. Anyone, like me, who has put hard hours into getting it to work, knows that it is constantly hallucinating and it has no idea how to be consistent. That’s not in its DNA and this won’t get better for a long, long time.

Early days folks. And remember what Woz said three years ago, “A/I will never wake up in the morning and say to itself, “What would I like to do today?” He added that we are not close to getting A/I to match the true intelligence of an ant’s brain. Tru dat.

A last note: too many people writing about A/I negatively are not using it or have only spent a few hours with it wildcatting ideas. The mainstream media. Corporate media. Idiots. Find some YouTube videos on people trying to get it to do some business applications. Better yet, pay $20 a month for a subscription and just get on with it.

To encourage you, I have done a great deal of pioneering work in on-age SEO with the help of A/I, leapfrogging the existing but very expensive natural language industry to produce coherent sentences from tables of statistics. If that last sentence sounds like gibberish, well, all specific business applications sound like gibberish to those outside.

To those people who do understand that sentence, you know what I am talking about and its implications. And by the way, I created that work for my company, I sensed this project was possible and was given permission to run my idea to ground. (By-the-way, I don’t have a college degree and with my severe dyslexia with numbers I was never able to pass Algebra, getting only as far as advanced fractions in the eighth grade — so, what’s stopping you?) Going forward, you should be able to create new work within a company, with your imagination as the only limiting factor. If you want to learn . . .

So, if you want to learn, get with the program or get out of the way. Some of us want to learn and we don’t need stupid people putting down those that do. Go back to fifth grade where you can bully people with that kind of behavior. You are a moron and I am stupid if I spend time arguing with you.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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