How Life Forces You to Be a Bad Person

Got to the hotel. Adjoining room. Hilton never discloses which rooms are adjoining and, as everyone knows, you can’t soundproof an adjoining room. The doors are never as thick as walls and doors act as soundboards, reflecting every kind of noise. Even normal discussion in an adjoining room is always clearly heard. I can’t stand that with my crippling sleep problems. There may be a way to make a note of this when you reserve a room but I forgot to write that in. IF you can make a note when using their system. So, a lot of fuss to get the room changed since they are nearly fully booked.

Then, getting to the new room, I notice a few very small ants. No problem, just a few, ants are everywhere. I would never complain about something like this. Except for this morning when the server handed me a coffee cup with a small ant running around on it. I showed it to the server and at this point I have to say something. I talked to the restaurant manager about this, saying that they obviously have a property wide problem and that I can’t be the first to say something. She said that they are working on the problem with a professional pest controller. Obviously, not successfully. She offered to pick up the cost of the coffee. I said that all properties have problems but since you know about it, you better check a cup before you hand it to a server. The meal was over $25, the room close to two hundred a night.

If I find more ants in this room then I will have to make a fuss to get housekeeping in which will displace me for hours. I didn’t create this problem, I am reacting to it. I don’t want to bring this news to people, I don’t want to listen to excuses, I don’t want to argue with people. But life makes you be the bad guy in response to all of the other people in life giving excuses, arguments, and attempting to buy off a complaint with a free cup of coffee. I didn’t have anything to do with any of this.

Update: And, of course, it got worse. I declined room cleaning at first because I thought I could live with the problem but there were more ants when I got back. Told the desk I was requesting and then left for a few hours so room service could get to it. They didn’t. I went back to the desk asking when room cleaning would be there so I could come back after they were done. I really, really needed to get some sleep. Desk clerk said he didn’t know their schedule but would message them. I said fine and would wait at the front for confirmation. “Oh, no, they can’t message back.” What?

After that “No” I said that this was now out of hand and that I’d need to talk to the manager. He responded by talking to someone on the phone and then handing the receiver to me. “No,” I said. “In person. How things are done.” A nice lady came back, I talked with her for a little while, said I had been a Diamond Member for years, which doesn’t seem to count anymore. Left again for a few hours, the room was just about ready. I mentioned the ants but housecleaning didn’t seem to know anything about that. What? Crazy. Anyway, the housecleaner seemed like a nice person so I gave her a $20 bill. I am a nice person.

By thomasfarley01

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