An Acknowledgment and Endorsement for (external link) is the leading authority for the flora, fauna and natural places of central and southern Nevada. Period. Professional ecologist Jim Boone Ph.D. has developed this passion project for all those who love the outdoors. And those that should.

A tremendous teaching tool, Jim’s website serves as an example of how professional scientists can reach out to citizen scientists and the public at large. There’s no money in doing this kind of thing, in fact, I am sure he loses a great deal of money each year in the time and effort it takes to document and create. But no matter. He gets it done anyway.

I have relied on Jim countless times to help with identifications and to answer questions on everything outdoors. If you can, leave a tip in his tip jar. And thank heaven that there are people like Jim that on their own contribute to protecting, educating, and advancing the cause of the natural world. There’s damn few of them.

Recent photos from Jim on his latest trip to Great Basin NP for a Bio Blitz. Gopher snake.

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