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Use a Polaroid for Your Test Shots!

I always keep a Polaroid camera around to make sure I get the right light and composition. Sure, the film is expensive and you may need several shots to get things right, but it will pay off in with less time on your big camera and in post. Play with light, play with color, play with texture. But most of all, enjoy yourself!

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Those Begging Burros of Beatty

The Goldfield burro is a superior burro. A better burro. Someone you want on your team. Goldfield burros do not beg. They do not want your food. They walk proudly through town without expecting handouts. If they want to eat something they’ll get it on their own. Like devouring your carefully tended strawberry patch. The Goldfield burro is also a high altitude burro, venturing to 7,000 feet if needed. The Beatty burro is a small, sickly thing, needing a three thousand foot elevation so its puny lungs don’t collapse. Enough said.

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Meet the Board

For the first time ever, court sketch artists from around the world have put together what may be recognizable images of our board of directors at These portraits were  the form of a book called Disguise Techniques. Since it was handed to me by the good folk at Enigmata Esoterica in Goldfield, I consider this source like a Paddington plush bear: 100% Loyal and True.

The real names of these men are impossible to determine and their code names probably as well. Each code name is derived from a country road in Wales, thus mysterious and unpronounceable. Further, the few recordings that do exist of their voices are in a heavily accented prison Gaelic.

As to the charge that these men are one and the same, with wigs, hairpieces, makeup and false mustaches, producing what look like different people, well, that’s for conspiracy theorists. Which we kinda approve of.

It was made clear early on by the Board that any group poster would have to be done in early 1970’s colors with mod elements. They turned down my own preference as hitting too close to what they have in their own homes. That would be furniture and accessories akin to the interiors in the television show The Prisoner, you know, that post-Stalinist chic.

Stryd y Eglwys.

Stryd Fawr The Wise.

Pen y Bryn (the not so wise)

Ffordd Newydd the Obscure

Caerphilly’s Machen. “No, it’s not baby. It’s Caerphilly’s Machen. Mr. Caerphilly’s Machen if you’re nasty.

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Pleased to Meet You. Nice to Know Me. What’s The Message? Can You Show me?

Rare selfies. The A&W in Tonopah, Nevada.

Gone, gone. The root beer gone.

Not happy about that.

But things are looking up, right?

Maybe not.

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Corvette Poster Update

Getting further along from the last time (internal link) but far from finished.

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Collages From Today at The Grocery Store

Fresh flowers at the grocery store today. Original images at the end, collages first. I’ve put up the full size images if you want to right click and download.

The collages are approximately 11″ x 11″ at 300 dpi. The originals are about 11″ X 13″ at 300 dpi.


From Sweden With Love

The original video, the baseline on which to judge the thousands of variants circulating across the internet.

And here is the controversial European edition, the Director’s cut, long banned in the United States.

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When Do You Have a Camel Race?

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Coming and Going in Goldfield, Nevada

We don’t have train spotting anymore but we do have truck spotting. Although at dusk the spots are very hard to spot.



Struggling With This One

I have a tag line but am battling it out with placement of the cars and this red stripe. It’s no ordinary red stripe. The width varies according to my whim. And normally one would have the cars decreasing in size as they are seen further away. Maybe that will come true in the end. For right now, I have to push this project away for a while.