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How to Support My Efforts to Beautify the World

How to Support My Efforts to Beautify the World OR fill it with whimsy and happy art.

Buy something from my Etsy Store:


Commission me to produce a poster or graphic for a friend’s birthday, a wedding, life event of any kind, or a tribute to yourself, something you hide from the kids and the wife, but which you look on occasionally to try to convince yourself of your own greatness. As if that’s a bad thing. $200 for a commission and I can use any FB or Instagram quality photos.

E-mail for that is

This is the first time since starting this blog (10 years and 1,337 posts ago) that I have asked for anything from my readers but now that I have become a starving artist I must play the part. As you know, I have never carried ads on my site, asked people to register, or put a copyright down on anything I have presented here.

Indulge me. And thanks in advance for the support and for the people that have already bought my art.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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