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My Heavenly Choir Sings! — More Pushing Pixels

The other day I had a request for a dog poster. Fortunately, I had been working on an idea for one. I had downloaded a dog breed poster in French a while back so that became the basis for this.

I know you can’t read any of the details because this is WordPress but I will have a larger image at my blog site soon. ( Anything you see on your tiny phone screen is a complete debasement of what you will see in person, a graphic two feet wide by three feet high.

In the background is a group of three women playing instruments and three women singing, all dressed up in religious refinement. It’s from an old clip art book named Treasury of Book Ornament and Decoration, one of those wonderful Dover books. A single cat is added to preserve Yin and Yang, that powerhouse K-Pop group now taking over the airwaves.

There’s some difference in spelling with the French which makes the poster fun. This one will eventually be personalized for a specific person who is involved in animal rescue in Pahrump. But I will sell the generic poster that you see here on Etsy. This is 24″ X 36″ but it is possible I could make it smaller so you can have one you can squint at to read the text. You do know that I produce posters, correct? And that they are large for a reason, correct? So you can read them!!!


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