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Goldfield is All About Peace of Mind

Yup, no pesky impenetrable jungle to fight through for survival. No subconscious reminders of how poorly you treated your workers on that rubber tree plantation in Java. No jolts from the past when you tried to find your time share … Continue reading

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Barabajagal by Donovan

Donovan vocals sound like scat but there are lyrics to this song, an infectious piece that lost out on airplay to Atlantis. Session men included, possibly, Jeff Beck. She came, she came to meet a man She found an angel … Continue reading

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Secret British Art Colony Revealed

With the death of the late Queen, the Brits are starting to reveal some of Elizabeth’s secret projects, notably this one in the south Atlantic. It’s said she routinely had her Corgi’s flown to Tristan da Goldfield for their portraits. … Continue reading

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Sign of the Times

#Enigmataesoterica graciously lent me Ranald’s 1932 work, Masters of Destiny. “The Hands and Careers of Seventy-Five Famous Men and Women.” Reading palms, you know, the line of life, line of brilliancy, line of heart and so on. Among the highlights … Continue reading

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Best. Traffic. Cops. Ever.

Promoting Goldfield, Nevada and celebrating the brave men and women of law enforcement. 20″ X 24″ available now at my Etsy Store. Bring your own police dog and handcuffs.

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Mobile Design is a Joke and a Fraud

Follow me on Instagram where I am most active. My handle is tgfarley My Instagram Store is here: These blog posts cross post to Facebook but I rarely look at FB and will probably miss your messages if sent … Continue reading

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The Best Traffic Cops are In Goldfield

But a police dog and handcuffs are extra.

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Blood and Fire *Trigger Warning* by Arthur Kwon Lee

Like myself, Arthur Kwon Lee is a politically conservative visual artist. This brings about an estrangement from most other artists, unless we silence ourselves and hide our true beliefs. This is far easier for me than Kwon Lee. I personally … Continue reading

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The Twirling Camels

Double click on the movie frame to call up the video in its original format.

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Ever Since the Day We Met

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