WWG1WGA – Where We Go One We Go All

Corporate media may label QAnon as a conspiracy driven movement but certain facts are irrefutable.

The military-industrial complex existed before we were born and is now an integral part of the American economy.

The alliance between Big Pharma and the government cemented during COVID will grow stronger.

Intelligence community spying through social media companies was established by Snowden and these ties will only get stronger.

The tacit agreement among corporate media companies to thwart Trump’s reelection began on his first day in office and continued for four years, with bogus stories like Russian involvement being endlessly pursued to nowhere and many vital stories censored.

That alliance between Big Media companies continued even with the President out of office. His blacklisting from Twitter, for example, was maintained at the same time the Taliban’s account remained open, eventually used to communicate orders among their fighters for the fall of Kabul.

None of this is in dispute or controversy. The real question is why corporate media is working so hard among themselves and with the Biden administration to silence these people. But we all know why, aside from their obvious hate of Donald Trump.

Independent groups challenging authority, dishonesty, and manipulation will always be feared by those in power who hate the United States. The US government crushed people’s lives and the American economy during Covid simply as a way to assert more power over people, to introduce them to a new level of control.

And most of those directives were contradictory nonsense not backed up by science or consistency, and declared by idiots like Fauci. Yeah, conspiracies. Conspiracies rooted in finding out the truth and pushing back the government’s desire to stomp our individual liberties into the ground. That sound too dramatic? Not dramatic enough.

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