Experimenting Continues

I just got an old hardbound book of clipart, this monotone image among them. The second image has been quickly colorized to a small extent with Photoshop and then the saturation turned up as you see in the second. The third image is a cyanotype generated by a filter in Photoshop Camera.

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And here we have the ADD riddled Max Headroom in his original form, and then the same clip after it has been given a filter by Instagram, something like a moving gas cloud over his face.

The Gram is killing itself with its experimenting, as it now strongly prefers video over stills, and, preferably, that video under 30 seconds. Catering to an entire generation of action addicts, people never at peace. (internal link)

And this is going to lead to . . .? (Thanks to Linda Dodge for supplying the original colorless line art image.)

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